Snow Bear Heat and Air has plenty to offer a new city! We are ready and prepared to
take care of our new community and the neighbors that share it. As a company, we value trust
and honesty. We know that these things can be stressful and never really planned for, which
can make it very difficult to deal with in the midst of a hectic life. We are here to help, assist and
guide you through these times. Repairs can be big or small, quick and easy or longer with
complications. No matter the situation, we are prepared to handle it with confidence, knowledge
and a great work ethic. If you are interested in getting a diagnosis on your unit, just give us a
call. We do Lubbock HVAC every day and would be happy to help your unit get back to running
at its best. For first time customers, it is only a $7 diagnostic fee and this covers the diagnosis of
the issue and then the technician can provide you with a quote. After that, it is completely up to
you as the homeowner, on if you want to continue with this repair immediately or if you would
like to put it up for now and return to it at a better time just let our Lubbock HVAC team know, and we’ll get it handled for you!

Living in a warmer state like Texas can be rough. Indoors are usually the only places to
escape the big, bad sun. Restaurants, movie theatres, and your home should all be cooled
down by the time you’re done having to be out and about. We do commercial work as well as
residential so we can make your favorite spots just as comfortable as you like your home. We
are able to install normal 3.0 Ton, 4.0 Ton, et cetera units but we also can install package units,
air handlers and heat pumps and ductless units. There are many options available to choose
from for your home. We also offer free in-home consultations so if you had a specific idea in
mind, we would love to see and discuss it with you! These pieces of equipment are huge and
complicated pieces of technology. But here in Lubbock HVAC, we would be happy to explain
anything you may be looking at and what its capabilities may be. If you are interested in
purchasing or replacing your old unit, give us a call at 806-367-9416 and we can begin a quote

There’s no reason to suffer from the heat when there are so many opportunities in
Lubbock HVAC. We do offer priority scheduling as well as our yearly maintenance plans. These
plans offer discounts on repairs, replacements, priority scheduling, and so much more. If you
would like to sign up for one of those, we would be happy to assist in getting you signed up. We
have two options and we would be happy to help you learn more if you are interested in one for
your home. These maintenance plans also include two maintenance visits. These maintenance
visits can extend the life of your unit by doing check ups and ensuring that no small problems
get out of hand unnoticed or that big problems are halted and are allowed to be expected so
that you as the homeowner are prepared for what repairs may be needed for your unit.

Maintenance plans can be a great ally to combat small issues that could turn into bigger
ones. Checking on your unit every 6 months is a great way to ensure you get all you can out of
your unit. This is even truer for older units. An older unit that is not being maintained is almost
guaranteed to go out prior to what it would have been maintenance. Units that are not
maintenance can become clogged up with dust, dirty, animal fur, and many other particles that
eventually end up circling back into the air of your home and can affect those with asthma
issues or other health problems. Other than maintenance visits, another wait to combat the
issues of particles affecting your air would be to get a UV Light. UV Lights can fight off those
intruders. They are installed in the unit and help go through the air to filter out all the things that
could affect you and those in your home. These can be maintained with a yearly light bulb
change but that’s all! Just have us install it in your unit and forget about it! If you have questions
about what these look like, physically and cost wise, give us a call and we can get one ordered
for you here in Lubbock HVAC ! Doing the best for your unit may be what’s best for your home
and can increase the comfort your family and friends feel. Especially when it may even allow
you to breathe better.

Snow Bear Heat and Air wants to do its best for you. Allow us to be the company you
call when things go wrong. We will be happy to access your equipment and provide a diagnosis
for anything it may need. Our quotes are good for plenty of time and can be revisited when you
are ready! Call today at 806-367-9416 for the best of Lubbock HVAC. Rather you are interested
in repairs or replacement, we can be the company for you! Residential, commercial, mobile
home? We got it! Lubbock HVAC has yet to see a company like this and we are excited to be
the ones to bring it. We cannot wait to show our neighbors and new community what we can do
and what we are capable. The opportunities are endless when the knowledge is always
evolving! Let us start the discussion today and see what all we can figure out with you! Thank
you for taking the time out to learn about us and all that we have to offer. If you have any
questions, call us at 806-367-9416. We are open 24/7 and will gladly walk through our
processes for you.