Snow Bear Heat and Air performs many services here in the Lubbock HVAC area. We
specialize in repairs, replacements, indoor air quality and venting. We offer a $7 diagnostic fee
to our first time customers. This small fee serves as an opportunity to inspect and diagnose your
home’s unit. When the technician has an idea on repairs, we will present you with a quote. This
can be verbally discussed as the technician is there or we can send an email that may be
revisited at a more convenient time for you. We understand life is hectic and these things cause
everything else to go out of whack in a daily life routine. We are happy to assist in giving
estimated times of job completion when we do have them. Air conditioning going out during the
summer in Texas is never an easy thing to deal with. We can’t promise to make it fun but we
can promise to make it better. We will do our best by you and our company set standards to
impress you with our services. If you are in the Lubbock HVAC area and are looking for
services, give us a call. We would be glad to explain more about our company, our process and
what we are capable of.

We are the exclusive service providers for Lowe’s and Home Depot. This means if you
go into any of these stores in one of our locations, and ask about heating and air services, they
will automatically refer you to our company. Once we receive your information, we can contact
you and answer any questions you may have! We do free in-home consultations for equipment
replacement. This means we can visit your home and visualize the grand plan with you. Once
we have agreed what all is expected to happen, we will send over a quote and start discussing
the timeline for this project! When you are ready to start, we can begin ordering equipment and
getting you on the schedule! We sell multiple brands across the board. We can provide you a
quote for a budget friendly unit that will satisfy all the needs of your home! These pieces of
equipment will last you a long time and their warranties will leave you worry free just as long. If
you have any questions about what it takes to get a brand new unit installed in your home, just
give us a call. Lubbock HVAC is a lot of things but it isn’t impossible.

We offer a $7 diagnostic fee to first time customers. This allows us to go out to the
property and inspect the unit. Once the technician has an idea of what may be causing the
failure, they can provide you with a quote for the repairs. If you agree and the part is available
and on their trucks, then we can get the job done right then and there. If you have a more
specific unit then we can hop on over to the part store and grab it or place it to order and
hopefully be back out to your property in a few days. We will always provide you with the
estimated time of arrival that the parts store gives us and update you as they come in. Once the
part/equipment has arrived, we can get you back on the schedule to go ahead and complete
that repair. Even the most specific units can be fixed with the right technician and tools! Call us
today in Lubbock HVAC to find out what that means for your home and the unit in it!
There is nothing like guaranteed comfort in your home. When a long day is done, you
want to know what you’re going to walk into once you unlock your door.

Just like you expect your refrigerator to be cool, you expect your central heat and air to be blowing, doing its job.
However, sometimes some things just go out. Our equipment comes with plenty of warranties.
Those warranties include parts, labor and maintenance. When purchasing a new unit, those
warranties come automatically. They come with a 1 year labor warranty from us, meaning you
will not have to pay our service fee for that first year. We also include a maintenance plan,
which reserves you two appointments. One appointment will be scheduled before winter and
one right before summer so that we can get your unit inspected before the next big season
change and prepare it for the change of work load type. We do a full inspection of the unit to
make sure it is running at its full capacity for you. These pieces of equipment also offer a 10
year parts warranty meaning if something has to be replaced on these pieces of equipment
within those years, it is covered and of no cost to you. The only pricing you may be responsible
for would be the labor if it is after that first year. Our Lubbock HVAC service team will notify you of any charges before ordering any parts or providing services.

Lubbock HVAc is a world of different opportunities across the board. There so many
options to choose from and routes to take when looking into this investment for your home. We
are a 24/7 company, prepared to take your call at any time. We would love to help guide you
through this ever evolving world of Lubbock HVAC and help you decide what type of equipment
will benefit your home and family the most. The whole point of these systems is comfort. If you
are not at the level you would like to be, then your unit is not doing its job. Get that taken care of
today and have your home be your spot of choice again. These units can really transform a
house and we would be happy to show you just show! Let us know if you have any questions!
Our office number is 806-367-9416, or if you would like to learn more about us, our website is Give us a call today!