Did you know that big hunk of equipment in the attic has some history to it? Have you
ever been curious? Well wonder no more! Here in Lubbock HVAC, we have gathered some
facts from other sources about the history of these giant pieces of technology we have in our
homes. Rather it’s a central AC or a window unit, someone had to come up with the idea of
cooler air. Willis Carries would be the guy. In 1902, he decided he was fed up with his paper
expanding and his ink running while being at a publishing company. He created this device to
assist in those problems but ended up changing the way society sees comfort! After this
technology was created, it was invested in and worked on until we could cool the largest of
buildings with the best rate of efficiency! It is said that air conditioners were first popularly used
in movie theatres as a way to entice customers to go during the summer days! Can you imagine
going into a warm movie theatre? Us either! As all new technology, air conditioners were fairly
expensive in their early years so businesses were more prone to purchasing them. This was a
big reason they were able to use them as a selling point, it was an escape from the heat and a
night out! That’s no longer the case, allow Lubbock HVAC team to keep your HVAC up to date, with the newest technology!

After this invention blew up, and spread across the U.S., many of the warmer states,
such as Texas, Florida and Arizona began to grow in population size. You can imagine why
people would be more drawn to these areas after this technology was created. Now we have a
vast population across the country and people can choose where to live based on more wants
than needs. The air conditioner also allowed people with health issues to live a more
comfortable life. Air conditioners assist in removing allergens and can help people with asthma
breathe easier. This new technology opened the doors for many things but comfort has always
been the main point – the comfort to write, to travel, to enjoy different activities, to live better.
Snow Bear Heat and Air shares the same goal and that is why we are in this industry. We want
to help homeowners reach a large level of comfort that they have yet to experience or have had
interruptions. Lubbock HVAC is a new ground for us and we want to hit it with running feet! We
are hopeful to help many people experience how this technology has grown and been perfected
over the years! If you are interested in any of these services and starting the conversation, give
us a call! 806-367-9416.

The first ventilation system was created in 1899 when university students were seeking
an answer to the bad smell cadavers gave off during warmer weather. This ventilation system
allowed the students to breathe fresher air while continuing to learn and grow in their field.
Ventilation systems can now be used in homes, or businesses to help the air travel through
rooms and in and out of the buildings. This technology is what probably helped cool down the
white house when President Hoover got an air conditioner installed in 1929. In 1934, FDR
installed a newer system, however, it is said that he did not enjoy it and dealt with the heat more
often than not. We do not have the same interest as him here in Lubbock HVAC! We like being
cool and comfortable and would like to help you achieve the same goal! We do offer financing
options that range from not-the-best of credit options to the higher side. We can help you get
your application processed or you can click on the link on our website financing tab and see
what may be possible for you and your home!

The first residential air conditioner was installed in 1914 and was 7 feet high, 6 feet wide
and 20 feet long. That’s crazy considering they can fit in a hallway closet or an attic space now
depending on the type of unit needed for the home. After a few years, window units became a
symbol of status and blossomed in popularity after World War II. It is said that over one million
were sold by 1953. There is no doubt about the impact air conditioners have made across the
world. They have allowed us to work, learn, and thrive at all times of the year. Air conditioners
ensure safety and better health. Rather they are combating allergens, or heat exhaustion, they
have made the difference to allow us to be able to do what we need day to day without worry of
the harsh truth of the sun. Lubbock HVAC has a goal set in mind to bring this revolutionary
technology to anyone who wants it! We are glad to take on any sort of project that may assist
you in living a comfortable life, and have a happy, enjoyable home!

Lubbock HVAC is Snow Bear Heat and Air. If it has anything to do with heating,
ventilation and air conditioner, we can do it and do it right. If there is anything you have in mind
for your home, we do offer free in-home consultations and can have a tech discuss any project
with you. They will report back to the office to let us know what all you have in mind and we can
get back with you with a quote and an ETA for this new addition! We also do repairs and for first
time customer diagnosis, it is only a $7 diagnostic fee! Lubbock HVAC is ready to take care of
your home and your needs for HVAC. If you have any questions, please give us a call and we
can begin this new project! We are the home of the 7,7,7 deal, open from 7 A.M to 7 P.M, it only
cost $7 to have your unit diagnosed and we are open 7 days a week.