When it comes to your Lubbock HVAC needs Snow Bear Heat & Air is the best choice
you can make. We offer the best and honest work for you HVAC needs. When you call into the
office we can easily help you by listening to what is going on with your home. We write down the
problems of your unit for our technician so they can prepare to service your home. We will also
ask other questions just to have as much information for our technicians to have before they
arrive. This also helps us send who we think will be the best technician to service your home. All
of our technicians are certified, some of them are just stronger in some areas than others. We
want to send you the right help . The great thing is that we send a helper with every technician.
That away they are not alone when working on your home. We know that these jobs can be
tough and we want to make sure we can have the job done for you.

What would it take for you to use our company? Well how about our $7 diagnosis fee.
Yes that right for only $7 we can be at your home. We have the best fee for Lubbock HVAC
needs. With just this $7 we can be at your home and find the problems with your unit. Once we
find these problems our technicians will bring them to your attention and what they recommend
to fix this issue. If this is something you want to go forward with then the technician will continue
the work. We will always ask you before doing anything to your unit. Though if you think your
unit is under warranty we can try to find this out for you. We understand that these repairs can
be high. So if we can find your equipment is under warranty we will be glad to try and find that
out. Well if you decide to go through with these repairs the great part about our technicians is
that for some repair they will not have to leave your home. If the part is specific for your unit
then we’ll have to order it. Though do not worry because we can quickly get you back on our
schedule once we have the parts needed for your repairs.

If you are looking for equipment for your home then look no further than Snow Bear Heat
& Air. with your Lubbock HVAC need we can give you the good, better, and best opinions. We
know people want to make sure they are getting the best deal for the money they spend. This
does not mean that if you choose the best option that it will not cool your home. We are just
trying to have equipment in your home so you can be comfortable as soon as possible. We
understand that everyone has a different budget. so , we want to send you the best options for
your budget. We will always work hand in hand with you. When we talk about prices or
equipment we will always check with you to see if you are okay with this. The only delay that
would slow down your project would be shipping. If we need to order your equipment we will
have you quickly back on the schedule. We do not want you to be without a unit so we will
shorten that time the best we can. Call us at 806-367-9416 for all your Lubbock HVAC needs.
If there is one thing we pride ourselves on is our honest and hard work.

The owner
Daniel Ramos worked hard to get his company where it is today. Daniel learned early on that he
enjoyed working with his hands. He Knew that he enjoyed working outside and moving around.
Daniel would work long days to get his business where he wanted it to be. Then all his hard
work paid off when he landed a big contract to jump start his business. He had his start as
Daniel’s Heating & Air. Then later decided to brand the name Snow Bear Heat & Air. The start
of Snow Bear allowed him to have a team under him. With The help of his manager,Karen
Kriby, he is able to still leave the office and work with his hands. Though he is able to work with
Karen to expand his business. Karen helps handle Daniels day to day officework so when
Daniel is out doing calls he knows the office is taken care of. We all work hard to get the
company where it is today. Call us at 806-367-9416 to take care of your Lubbock HVAC needs.
Allows us to show you why so many people choose Snow Bear Heat & Air.

We understand how important it is to have your equipment up and running at all times.
Especially here in texas when your air conditioner does not run right you can feel it. We know
how frustrating it is when you walk into your home and it is about as warm inside as it is outside.
We do understand that some people have health issues and really need to be serviced. You
need that unit ready to perform when you need it. So when you need it fixed right the first time
and fast who do you call? Well for you Lubbock HVAC needs you should call Snow Bear Heat &
Air. we want you back in your home as fast as possible. We know that no one wants to be
without an air conditioner in Texas heat. So we will quickly have you put on our schedule so we
can have you up and running in your home. We do not want to waste time from leaving your
home and going to the past store. The only situations that would stop usf from coming back to
your home would be if the part store is closed or we have to order a specific part for your unit.
Call us today at 806-367-9416 so he can have you back in home ready to go for this Texas
heat with the help of Lubbock HVAC.