Purchasing a brand new system can be a major investment, and in the wrong hands, can be an even bigger headache. However, we do not work like that here at Snow Bear Heat and Air. Within each dollar is a promise to do our best and uphold the standard we have set for ourselves, our company, and our previous customers. We are the highest-rated and most reviewed air conditioning and heating company in Amarillo, TX., and plan to be that same thing in our newest location – Lubbock, TX. Lubbock HVAC will be our next hurdle and your next victory for your unit. We want every customer we encounter to understand the values we have as a business of everyday people. Our goal is to prove to you why you chose us in the first place.

We want to prove our work ethic, great service, and our expert knowledge on every call we take. We provide a variety of services which means we must be great at many things! Our technicians are experienced and have most likely seen it already. If they haven’t, we are sure we are more than capable of figuring it out. You can trust us to work diligently and fast on any problem we encounter, to communicate as we learn, and to price as if it was our own family. We are hopeful that you will see every great aspect of this company and trust us with all your HVAC needs! We work with the best brands, technicians and staff to be able to get you the experience that you deserve.

We want to create a new industry standard for Lubbock HVAC that you can trust to see every time you see the Snow Bear Logo. We are full of promise and potential and you can believe we will get the job done right! We can simply repair your unit, we can replace just parts, we can replace the entire unit or we can start from scratch and install a completely new system. We also do ductwork and venting so we can help the airflow through your home, rather than getting stuck in one central zone. The possibilities are endless on what we can do for your Lubbock HVAC needs.

We offer upgrades, replacements, and the simplest repairs. You can call us day or night as we are open 7 days a week for 24 hours of the day. We do offer emergency services and will be at your door in no time. We are dedicated to providing great service at any hour. Give us a call at 806-367-9416 and we can direct you to the correct location or get you scheduled with us. Come and be a part of a great company working on great things. We are all about doing for our customers so let us do for you. Snow Bear Heat and Air also offers a $7 Diagnostic fee to start the process so you can preview our amazing work before any major investment is made. You can also visit our website, snowbearair.com, to learn more about us!

Thermostats are one of the smaller working pieces of an HVAC system. They are that one small box mounted to the wall. They are fairly simple and some can be Wi-Fi compatible so you may heat or cool your home before you even arrive or shut it off long after you leave. However, they all serve the same purpose: control the temperature of your home. Their main function is to be the control panel of your unit in the aspect of how high or low you would like the temperature to be at any given time. New thermostats are usually digital or electronic. These tend to be more accurate when reading the temperature of your home which means they are able to catch changes faster and turn on or off your system accordingly. Older thermostats are mechanical and do not read the temperature quite as well.

They are usually 5 degrees off of the true temperature which means you may have to change your temperature a little more often. However, many people prefer these thermostats because they are less costly and have a simple on/off switch. They also can be easier to set up than the newer ones if you are not technically savvy or don’t care for those additions. Thermostats should also be placed in an area that is not too shaded nor too hot. Placing it behind any objects or putting it by a window is not recommended for an accurate reading. If you are interested in upgrading your Lubbock HVAC, give us a call!

If your system does not feel like it is reaching the correct temperatures, it may be time to replace your thermostat. There are many to choose from that can be compatible with your unit and we can help with that. If you would like to give us a call at 806-367-9416, we are always available to answer questions. For Lubbock HVAC, can discuss your unit and what you would like in terms of a thermostat and choose from there. When you are ready to move forward, we can install it for you and ensure everything is working together throughout your system. And as always, if you have any questions after we leave, we can always discuss further. Thermostats have a large range from newer models to old, how they function, or how they are maintained. Some thermostats just sense and now have apps where you can control them from.

Picking a thermostat can be interesting and it gives you many options on how you would like to run your HVAC system for years to come (unless you decide to upgrade which is always possible). If you are interested in learning about your thermostat, learning about a new thermostat, learning about a thermostat that comes with new equipment or any other service-related question, just give us a call and we will do our best to provide an answer or we will search until we find one! The Lubbock HVAC world is growing every day with new exciting technology and thermostats are at the forefront. Get yours upgraded today.