We want to provide you with the best service for your Lubbock heat & air. We here at
Snow Bear Heat & Air know how important your HVAC system is for your home. When your
family is uncomfortable in your own home you will want to have your system up and running as
soon as possible. You do not want to be uncomfortable in your home on a hot day in Texas. We
know the temperature of Texas can reach those extreme triple digits in the summer. So who
would you call for your Lubbock heat & air services? Well why not choose the company with the
highest reviews in Amarillo! We have served many happy customers in Amarillo and would love
to add you to that list of happy customers. If you like to see for yourself then go to our google
page to see the list of happy customers. We want to have you back in the home and
comfortable so you can enjoy relaxing in your home.

We understand that the investment you put into your home is something big. We have
options that can help you with these big investments. We will work with you to find out which
option will work out the best for you. When it comes to your Lubbock heat & air needs we can
give you the best options. We know not everyone has the money sitting around for a new HVAC
system. So we have 2 financial choices for you to choose from. The first choice we try for most
of our customers. We love this option and we know you will as well. The first choice is Home
Depot’s card. You can go and apply for the amount you need to complete this job. If you
complete this then and qualify for the card then you have 24 months 0% interest. The great part
is it’s basically the same as cash. There are no penalties for paying it off early. So if one month
you decide to pay the normal rates but next month you choose to pay double the amount there
are no penalties. So as long as you pay it off in the first 24 months there will be no interest
rates. We also have a financial option on our webpage. This is a third party we decided to use
called Foundation Finance. They have a little bit more flexibility but there are interest rates. We
can help you fill out any of these applications if you are comfortable giving us your information to
help you. Call us today to see how we can help you get the funds to start your project.

Do you know how important your ac unit is for your home? We have found out that when
you spend more time at home you notice more and more when your unit is not working. Your
unit is responsible for keeping your home as cool or as hot as you like in your home. You do not
want to come home to where it has been hot outside and just as hot inside. We get you have a
family that you are worried about and you will want this to be taken care of as fast as possible.
Well why not choose the company that will have you on their schedule as soon as possible. We
here at Snow Bear Heat & Air know the importance of your unit and we can gladly take care of
your Lubbock Heat & Air. We also know that some people have extreme allergies. We can
install something called UV lights that help extremely well. What this does is before the cool air
reaches your home it kills all of the allergens before they have a chance to reach your home.
We offer a variety of services when it comes to your Lubbock heat & air.

Though what we can do for you is repair or install your central heat & air. We can also help with just that
maintenance on your home. We know that some people do not use their unit year round. So we
have an option on where we can go out to your home to check your unit. It is some basic
maintenance that does a full check on the system to check everything to have your unit ready
for those big season changes. We have amazing maintenance plans. These plans do include
those trips for you in these. Though not only will you be getting these trips they also save you
money on future repairs or installs. It also gives you priority scheduling on any calls. Call us
today to see how you can take advantage of our plans.
We love when customers find our company on Google.

You will notice we are the best
Lubbock heat & air company for the job. You do not have to take our word for it. You can look
for yourself to see why we are the number 1 rated company. We pride ourselves in the work that
we do. That is why we guarantee our work for 30 days. This helps because we can not put a
warranty on just pieces of the equipment. That away for the next 30 days if something goes
wrong we can go back out there to look at this issue for you. If it is the same issue then there
will be no additional charges. We do not want to cost you more money if what we did does not
fix the issue like it should. We can offer warranty on the equipment though. This is great
because we understand the investment you are about to make is a huge one. We know
homeowners like to know they will be covered if something goes wrong with their unit. Well
when you go through us we offer great warranties. As long as we install the unit we can always
keep track of those warranties so you do not have to. Allow us to take care of your Lubbock heat & air
needs, starting with one phone call today.