The process of trying to find someone to come look at your air conditioning and
heating unit can be difficult.The staff at Snow Bear Heat and Air will be more than happy
to assist you. When you call the office you will come in contact with our amazing office
staff. The office staff will get our trained technicians to come out to your home. The
technician will then diagnose your unit trying to find the source of the problem. We do
understand that air conditioning repairs can be pricing and payment can be a big
concern for most of our customers. We take so much pride in our $7 diagnostic fee that
gets our technicians out to your door. We offer financial options with as little as 0%
interest and the application can only take a few minutes. We will do our best to make
sure it’s as easy as possible from when you come in contact with our friendly office staff
to our trained technicians coming out to your home. We hope that you let us here at
Snow Bear Heat and Air take care of all your HVAC Wichita Falls needs!

The company got its start 8 years ago with Daniel working hard to make sure that
his company is where it is today. Daniel worked hard to get his start by selling his car to
acquire the funds needed to start his business. This passion came from when he took
classes in Electrical trade during highschool. This is where Daniel learned that he
enjoyed working with his hands. After high school he takes off with his business. Daniel
would work anywhere from 12 – 15 hours a day just keep his operation up and running.
This all changed when Daniel was able to land his big contract. Since then, his business
has only picked up from there! That brings him to where he is today with Snow Bear
Heat and Air from Daniel’s Heating and Air. Thanks to Daniel’s hard work here at Snow
Bear Heat and Air will be more than happy to take care of your HVAC Wichita Falls

This makes it where Daniel is able to work with his staff, build relationships with
customers, and still continue growing his business in a positive growth. Though not only
does Snow Bear Heat and Air offer great HVAC Wichita Falls services, Daniel really
cares about this community. He tries to give back to his community when he can. Daniel
has gone to Belize, a country in Central America, with his wife and some people from
his staff. Daniel will go down there and install units for churches, schools, and locations
there that might need it most for free. While he is doing this his wife, who is a dentist, is
doing dental work for hundreds of people in the surrounding area. Though Daniel works
hard everyday to meet all your HVAC Wichita Falls needs, he also knows how important
it is to help those in need if you are capable.

Do you need help with your HVAC Wichita Falls repairs? Then look no further
than Snow Bear Heat and Air! Our staff here works hard to make sure that our
customers are heard and understood. This is just one of the many qualities that set us
apart from the competition. This is what makes us the highest rating for air conditioning
repairs. We will help you with the frustrating process of your heating or air conditioning
needs. Our Staff will listen to your problem and will continue to assist you the best we
can. They will collect your information required to assist you put into our computer
system so that we will have a record of everything we do for our customers. The
technician will then be notified when our customers are put onto the schedule. The
technician will come out and take a look at your unit to give their professional opinion.
The technician will then discuss with the customer on what they found and write out a
quote for the customer depending on the repairs needed. The technician will have most
parts with them on their truck. This allows for the technician to handle the problem at
hand. This does not waste extra time between jobs. After this job is complete our
applications will be updated with the most current information that our technicians did on
the job. This is just a simple process that we here at Snow Bear Heat and Air work hard
to bring to all of our customers every single time with HVAC Wichita Falls services.

Snow Bear Heat and Air does HVAC Wichita Falls repairs on any unit. We here
at Snow Bear really understand the frustration of trying to get any help for your unit. You
can save yourself some time by calling us instead of calling multiple people to get one
job done! You need a certain service done and so does your unit. We hope that you can
allow us to take care of your needs, so you can enjoy your fresh home faster and with
peace of mind knowing that the job is done right the first time around. The Texas heat
can really hit us here and homeowners really feel the burden of not being with a working
air conditioning unit. This is why we try to limit the time frame as much as we can and
get you on our schedule. We pride ourselves in how our staff handles every situation
with our customers. So what are you waiting for? Call Snow Bear Heat and Air at
806-367-9416 and have a real conversation with our staff about what you are looking
for. You do not know what you are looking for? Then our friendly staff will help you find
your problem and get you the help that you need. Our team here will be happy to
answer any questions that may arise about your future product, and if for some reason
we do not know that answer, our staff will find it for you.