We understand that times have been tough and everyone is trying to stay as safe as
possible by staying home. This means people are starting to notice just how important their air
conditioning is. We know that some homeowners usually only have their air conditioning on
when they feel they need it most. This is usually only in the summertime and they leave it off
during the winter. Well since most people are staying home they are running it day and night
just to keep their home cool for their family. Well when it is not working and you have your family
in the home not comfortable or maybe they have health issues. You are going to want to have
your system up and running as fast possible. We understand that these prices can be expensive
so we do not want to charge you a large fee just to get us out there for your HVAC Lubbock
needs. This is where the amazing promotion we have comes in for our new customers. When
you call into our company for the first time to try to have some service done on your equipment
it will only be a $7 diagnosis fee!

What comes with the $7 diagnosis fee? Well it will take care of the trip charge, the
diagnosis, and lock in your spot on the schedule. We can easily collect this payment over the
phone to lock in your spot with either a card or check number. Once we have you on our
schedule you will be set to go. We will give you a time frame in which the technician will show
up. Though sometimes technicians do run into some unforeseen problems at a call just before
yours so they have to work just a little longer for them. Do not worry though! Since you have
paid for that $7 diagnosis fee your spot is locked in for that day so our technicians with HVAC Lubbock will still be
able to get to you. If you feel like you need a heads up before they arrive our technicians always
call at least 10 to 15 minutes before they arrive. This just allows you to either know we are
coming or give you time to get to your house for the appointment. We do understand that some
people do have to work during the times that are available. So as long as an adult, someone
who is over the age 18 is there, then we can do our work and take care of your HVAC Lubbock

What happens after our technicians diagnose your unit? Well you have several options
when it comes when we are done with the diagnosis. Once our technician diagnoses the unit
then we will bring it to your attention. By bringing it to your attention you will know exactly what
is wrong with the unit and what we recommend to fix it. If this is something you want to go
forward with then we can have those repairs done for you. If you decide this is just something
you can not take care of right now do not worry it will just be that $7 diagnosis fee and we will be
out of your hair. Though we will not just forget about you. We will also put that down on your
profile to have that saved so we can contact you in the future to see if this something you would
like to go forward with at a later time. We do not want you to feel like we have forgotten you. We
want to take care of all your HVAC Lubbock needs for you.

Well if you do decide to go through with the repairs then we can have those done for
you. The great part about our technicians if they carry most parts on hand with them. So there is
no time wasted from going to the part store to your home while you wait for us to get back. We
can just go out to our work trucks and have the part you need. The only thing that would stop us
from continuing the repairs if the part needed was specific for your unit. If this is the case our
office staff will call our part stores to see where and how we can get that equipment for you. If
the store has it in stock great we can go pick it up and have you fixed up. Though if the part
store has to order the part then we will simply have you put back on the schedule. Again though
we will not forget about you. We will always be as clear with you just as clear as the store is with
us. So you will always know what we know for your HVAC Lubbock needs.

We do know that the prices of these repairs for HVAC Lubbock equipment can be a big
investment. We know especially given the current times not everyone has that kind of money
just laying around ready for something like this. So not only do we offer that amazing $7
diagnosis fee for our new customers for HVAC Lubbock service calls but we also have some
financing options for you to choose from. We have several options you can choose from and we
will gladly help you with any of them as long as you are comfortable giving us the information
needed to help you. You have the option to use our third party financing option called
Foundation Finance. With this you have the option to choose from 1 to 10 years with interest
rates based on your credit. The great thing about this is we can tell you whether or not you were
accepted or declined 10 to 15 minutes after you fill out the application. The next choice being
The Home Depot card with the choice of going to them to sign up or having a 2 way call with us
while we help you. Call us today to find out how we can help you today!