The summer is always when people notice just how important their air conditioner unit is.
Especially in west Texas you really never know what the weather can be like. Though when it is
hot in west Texas you will need your air conditioner to keep up with your home. No one likes to
come home on a hot day for it to be just as hot inside as it is outside. This is why for your HVAC
Lubbock needs you should choose Snow Bear Heat & Air. We will provide you with the best
service possible. We take a lot of pride in our work. We do honest work and believe we can give
you good service. We want to have you comfortable in your home. There is no need for you to
be sweating outside and in your home. We do not want you to be without your unit when the
weather is in those triple digits. Allow us to shorten that time that you would be without your air
conditioner. Call us today at 806-367-9416 to handle all your HVAC Lubbock needs.

What would bring you to our company? Well the reason you would need our services for
your HVAC Lubbock needs would be for you central heat & air. We do installs and repairs for
your home. The great thing about the company is that it is special for our first time new
customers. The special is a $7 diagnosis fee to take care of the trip and service charge and to
lock in your spot on our schedule. This allows our technician to go to your home and find the
problem with your unit. Once we find the problem we will bring it to the homeowners attention.
We will never complete any repairs that the homeowner does not agree to. Then we will
continue the repairs needed to have you up and running again. The great part about our
technicians is that they carry most universal parts on hand so there is no need for them to leave
your home to make multiple trips. Though if your equipment does need a specific part for your
unit. We will quickly as we can have that HVAC Lubbock part for you. Sometimes if it is a universal part we can
have it here quicker but if it is a specific part for your equipment we have ordered it and have it
shipped here if they do not have it in stock.

What separates us from other HVAC Lubbock companies? Well we are home of the
7,7,7, deal. We are open 7 days a week so there will never be an issue to be put on our
schedule. There will hardly ever be a time where you call the office and someone will not be
able to help you. We will always be available to help you when you need it. We have our
schedule open from 7am-7pm so we can quickly have you put on our schedule. We do have
items available after 7pm but those come with different pricing. Lastly we have the $7 diagnostic
fee. Yes! Only $7 will have a certified technician at your door. With these great deals what could
stop you from using our company. We do honest work and stand behind that work. We want to
ensure that our customers are always taken care of. This is why we back our work for 30 days.
We get that ac repairs can be costly and that you want to be sure that these repairs will get the
job done. We can not put a warranty on just pieces of equipment. This is why we back our work
for 30 days. If for some reason your unit does not work after the repairs. We will go back out to
look at our work .If it is the same issue there will not be any additional charges. So call us today
at 806-367-9416 to take advantage of our $7 service fee.

Are you interested in getting new equipment? Well call us at 806-367-9516 to get a free
quote. We have several options when it comes to getting a quote. We can send a technician out
to your home. We will come out to your home to get the information we need. You don’t have
any equipment right now? Well do not worry we can still come out to your home to talk to you
avobuy how we can get equipment into your home. When it comes to HVAC Lubbock needs we
are the best choice. We will work with you to have youtube and running with new equipment in
your home. If you want the equipment to be installed in the attic or closet we can talk to you
about where we can put this equipment for you. Once we have all the information we need for
the equipment for your home, we will look into the right equipment for you. Well if you call into
the office and already know this information we can give you a quote over the phone. We will
talk about the equipment and what it all comes with. Lastly though instead of coming out of your
home we can do virtual quotes. We will just talk to you over the phone and ask you to show us
what we need to look at. Then we can talk to you about what we need for your home. The great
thing is we send emails with everything we discuss with you. Call us at 806-367-9416 to take
care of you HVAC Lubbock needs.

We understand that getting equipment for your home can be a big investment.
That’s why when you decide to use us for your install job we have two great financial options
you can choose from .The first option we try for our customers is through HOme Depot. They
have 0% interest rate for 24 months. The great thing about this is there are no penalties for
paying this off early. If you call into Home Depots they will help you fill out this info or we can try
to help you with the card application. Though another thing we can help you with is after they
give you the limit. We can see if we can help you raise that limit for your job. The second option
you can choose from us is Foundation Finance. This is the application we try after the HOme
Depot or first depending on your choice. The Foundation Finance option is a little more flexible
in their choices. This application is great because they range from 1 year to 10 years. What you
want to choose is completely up to you. Once you pick the terms they will ask for more of your
information. This is something we will gladly help you with. If You are comfortable giving us your
information then we will walk you through it step by step. The great thing above this application
is that after you fill it out we can tell you if you were accepted or declined. Though we can not
tell you why we declined. We hope you call us to take care of any of your HVAC Lubbock needs.