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Oklahoma legalized medical marijuana in 2018, allowing a vast majority of nurseries, jobs and medical relief to be in effect. It continues to open opportunities for growth and knowledge or its abilities. Although, starting a business like this and many others includes a recipe for hard work, determination, and eventually some losses you have to take and run with. It can be hard turning your crop into a cash cow, but the medical advantages make it easily desirable. That just leaves all the perseverance and materials needed to keep a facility at that capacity running smoothly like Heating and Air Oklahoma. The warm, humid subtropical climate of Oklahoma can be unbearable and difficult to maintain, but definitely key to the growing business. HVAC systems are always necessary, but it can be difficult to find the right system that continues to run efficiently and effectively to cultivate the crop. Here at Snow Bear Heat and Air we take pride in allowing access to only the best systems, ultimately empowering your business to flourish. Our company started at the hands of a man with dedication and hard work. We care and understand what goes into businesses and only want to assist you as you climb to greatness. Getting your business on the right foot is imperative in being successful including your Heating and Air Oklahoma. There are so many things to worry about, trusting another company can be difficult especially if their values don’t match up to yours. When choosing Snow Bear Heat and Air you choose a company with integrity and respect. We offer a range of services and products that will match anyone’s needs and wants. The comfort specialist handles all the specifics, granting you a good, better and best option. Our prices are flat rate and are always set up for the customers benefit, which allows us to give free consultations. Our office representatives are more than willing to consult you over the phone. We understand there are many things that go along with new HVAC systems and are more than willing to walk you through the differences, efficiencies, size and warranties. Snow Bear Heat an Air offers 4 packages for any type of customer ranging from top of the line to builder grade. Our four packages include Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze which give many warranties ranging from labor to parts, all of different lengths. We always want what’s best for your home or business and are willing to make custom packages. When you decide to commit with Snow Bear Heat and Air, we are upfront and honest about the entire process. Once you pick your desired package the process is a breeze and we handle all the dirty work. Our office representative ensures the equipment is available and gives you an idea of the soonest we can take care of the project at hand. With Snow Bear there is not a long wait time because we respect wanting to get started and over with. There is 100 percent communication from your first call to after we have completed. When everything is installed and connected we turn it on and ensure everything is working together properly. Then you have a brand new comfort system fit just for your growing necessities and for years to come! A great way to keep your system lasting longer and running efficiently all the time is a maintenance plan. They keep your system fresh and even give you priority scheduling and a discount on repairs and replacements! Snow Bear Heat and Air can make the maintenance plan custom to your systems specific needs and give you a price based per month or even for the whole year! The cannabis grow facilities demand in Oklahoma has grown over the years and we are all here for it. We do all the work for these grow houses including repairs, replacements and install full systems. We understand that these grow facilities need a specific environment to cultivate and thrive to their fullest potential. The facilities installation differs from the everyday install, but we are up for each challenge. Our technicians and office representatives are highly trained and qualified individuals, happy to help in any way they can. We love working on big and detail oriented projects so we can show off our variety of skill sets. We would love to start the process of installation on your business and have a hand in helping it become great. Your plants deserve it and so do you! When you choose Snow Bear Heat and Air, all the stressful parts go away and all you have to worry about is what day you’d like us to start! Whatever dream you envision for your business, we want to see it come to life. Call Snow Bear Heat and Air today and let us take care of making you and your cash crop comfortable and confident with your Heating and Air Oklahoma! Our comfort specialists are waiting for the next big project, and that could be you! We are thankful we have such an amazing team with the growing knowledge and enthusiasm to complete any job for everything, even cannabis grow facilities. Our Job is to make you comfortable! We know you may not know every part, step or workings of a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system. We want you to know, so we can meet every single one of the specifics you want. Our team is always consistently eager to give someone else a helpful tip. You won’t find another company willing to go the lengths we do. Snow Bear Heat and Air is open 7 day a week, and 24 hours a day! Every customer, no matter the time or day is welcome to call and reach out to a representative. You will never have to worry or stress about anything when you choose Snow Bear Heat and Air. Our company started from a man with the determination and work ethic to get it done. We carry that same determination and work ethic into everything we do, so we can provide the best service available, even for your budding business!