Heating and Air Oklahoma | Special HVAC Skills

Snow Bear Heat and Air takes your business just as serious as our own, if not more. We want to create the perfect climate/environment for you, your employees and your plants. We understand that you want to succeed and provide an amazing product to your customers. So we want to make sure we assist you with that and give you the best equipment for your needs. Cannabis grow facilities need a particular type of system to work with and work for your many crops. They all need different light schedules, humidity levels, and climate. We want to make sure you’re taken care of and can take care of the daily routine without having to deal with a system that doesn’t do you justice. When you are running a business, you do not want to have to stop midday to check on your HVAC system. You expect a system that will be efficient and in the most basic terms, do its job for your facility. Set up a consultation appointment with us so we can create the perfect system for your Oklahoma Cannabis Grow Facility. Our consultations are free and very simple. All of our pricing is flat rate and transparent so you never had to worry about hidden fees. If an unexpected circumstance comes up, we will always communicate that with you. Commercial work takes Heating and Air Oklahoma specialty skills and we would love to show off ours. We are ready to help you create the cannabis grow facility HVAC system that amateurs dream of! Have the best so you can do the best and create an environment for success. There is such an opportunity for growth in the state of Oklahoma right now for this industry and you should be at the forefront making customers happy and satisfied. Give us a call and lets get started Light schedules differentiate from different crops and rooms. These different light schedules mean different heat loads. Heat loads can dramatically affect the size and efficiency of your system/unit with all Heating and Air Oklahoma . Since there can be many different types of lights that can produce different amounts of energy, a calculation should be done beforehand to ensure that the equipment being installed is going to be most effective and efficient. What is the point of installing a system that won’t do the job? We don’t believe in guessing. We can visit your shop, deal with the math for you and get you up and running in no time. Also remember that plenty of water will be involved, causing humidity and of course the smell of the plants. We definitely can come up with a plan to deal with the water vapor and air quality. Your employees are just as important as your product and you want to make sure that in an industrial building such as these that they have plenty of air flow and that the air is good for them in your cannabis grow facility. There are many options for air purification and filter options. The environment you create will decide how great of a product your team can make. Our motto is to take care of them and they will take care of the rest. If air purification hasn’t crossed your mind yet pertaining to this project, allow us to show you some examples and choices we could provide for all of you. In the world of HVAC, the choices you make are really going to make the difference in the outcome of your cannabis grow facility. Let us know what your big plan is and we’ll see to it that everything comes out working beautifully and doing exactly what it’s supposed to. All of our systems do come with warranties backed by our company and the manufacturer. Depending on what package you ultimately decide on, we want you to know that we will be around long after the initial install and will be a phone call away if you ever need help with an issue, concern or a simple curiosity. We love hearing from our customers on how great their system is and want to make sure that it’s possible to say for years to come. If you do decide on Snow Bear Heat and Air, know that you have an entire team behind you. Our warranties include but are not limited to: labor, maintenance and parts. Our labor warranty ensures that for the extent of your warranty, we will work on the unit for free and diagnose anything that may seem off. The parts warranty of course means that the replacement of parts will be free and honored for the extent of this warranty. Our maintenance plan includes two visits, once in the fall and once in the spring for an annual clean up of the system and just a quick check up to make sure everything is in great order and that there aren’t any hiccups expected for your cannabis grow facility. Of course, if there is any concern for your unit or system, please do call one of our staff members that are on our phones seven days a week, all twenty four hours! Let us know what has been going on and we will let you know how fast we can get a technician out to your property! We are happy and proud to be a company that puts our customers first. If you would like to see what our other customers have said, just google us! We have many reviews from our previous projects and many satisfied clients. Let us impress you next! We want you to know that our goal is to help you through the process and make great decisions that will have a great effect on your business. The process should not be confusing and you shouldn’t feel stranded! This is something we will work on with you, together. When you choose Snow Bear Heat and Air, you’re choosing a team that will always be behind you for your Heating and Air Oklahoma needs. Set up your consultation now and start this journey to the perfect environment for your plants and employees in your cannabis grow facility! Make a great choice today! We know it’s possible!