Heating and Air Oklahoma | Repair Service or HVAC Replacement

All heating and air conditioning units can be susceptible to damage or error and correcting it can be a hassle. Calling a certified professional to come assess the issue is the next step, but who do you call for Heating and Air Oklahoma or Amarillo? Snow Bear Heat and Air! We are a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning service, and installation company. We take pride in serving each of our customers, helping them live comfortably in their home or business again. You may be asking, why Snow Bear? Well that’s for our $7 diagnostic fee! YES that is right $7 for all first time customer diagnoses. This fee allows a technician to be dispatched to your home and perform a thorough check of your ac system. If our comfort specialist comes across a problem, they will assist you in taking the next step. Here at Snow Bear we are dedicated to making this hassle become worry free. Call one of our office assistants today and schedule an appointment. The process of setting up an appointment is very easy and we will dispatch a technician to your house within the week. Snow Bear Heat and Air also has 24/7 emergency service! We are here 24/7, & days a week. Weather can be extremely harsh on all heating and air conditioning units, new or old. The aging process of your unit can be sped up if not properly taken care of and your energy use can increase tremendously. A preventative maintenance check is detrimental so that you can save money, improve air quality, improve comfort and keep your home safe. These maintenance checks are usually performed twice a year, spring and fall, to prepare the unit for the change in weather. Snow Bear Heat and Air values all customers and their HVAC system. For $45 you can have a certified technician to your home and they will perform a tune-up on your system depending on the season. Snow Bear also offers a maintenance plan, which can be as low as $13 a month or $158 for the whole year. This maintenance plan has some amazing deals including 10% off all repairs and replacements (this can save you so much money especially if you need a replacement), priority scheduling, and of course the two preventative maintenance checks. Call Snow Bear Heat and Air today at 806-367-9416 to speak with a representative about our maintenance plan or a tune up for your unit for the best in Heating and Air Oklahoma or Amarillo! Snow Bear Heat and Air has been servicing Texas for 15+ years and is looking forward to expanding to all 50 states! What sets us apart from all other HVAC businesses is our first time customer diagnosis fee; only $7! This seven dollars does way more than you could think, first it allows a technician out to your home to diagnose the errors in your system and second, serves our community. This fee is donated to Another Chance House, they are a charity helping struggling men in need get on their feet. Once your heating and air units are diagnosed the technician will give you the best option to move forward. Trusting Snow Bear Heat and Air ensures your HVAC system will run efficiently and effectively. If the repairs and replacements become very costly we offer many financing options including 0% interest for 24 months. We understand that things like these can not be any fun and can be scary. That is why our technicians and office representatives receive extensive training to make the process as worry free as possible. Snow Bear Heat and Air works tirelessly to ensure you are living day to day life in comfort, no matter the weather. Picture this; it is your day off and you’re relaxing at home after a rough work week. Everything runs smoothly, you can watch your favorite movie in peace, then you hear some noises coming from your a/c and it’s blowing out hot air in 90 degree weather! You’ll probably start panicking and freaking out that your perfect day has been RUINED! You might even assume it would be your luck for things like this to happen, but I assure you, there are ways to avoid big messes like these. A maintenance plan for your ac unit is always a great investment. Snow Bear Heat and Air offers a maintenance plan with some great benefits such as 10% off all repairs or replacements, priority scheduling and of course our two preventative maintenance checks. These maintenance checks take place once in the fall and spring to prepare your unit for the upcoming weather changes. They also ensure your system is running efficiently and effectively, saving you money and living in comfort. Call Snow Bear Heat and Air today and ask a representative about our maintenance plans that you can start for as low as $13 a month or $158 for the whole year. Choosing Snow Bear Heat and Air ensures all heating, ventilation, and air conditioning needs are met. We are devoted to providing the best services at an amazing rate for Heating and Air Oklahoma or Amarillo! We offer a $7 diagnostic fee for all customers, which allows us to dispatch a comfort specialist to your home and diagnose your systems errors. Once the technician reaches their prognosis, they will inform you, and guide in the new steps to take. Oftentimes it is a quick fix, which can be done the same day, but if not do not worry Snow Bear will make everything stress free. Each of our technicians go through extensive training. We take pride in our fast but quality service. A technician or representative will always strive to leave you living in true comfort. Snow Bear Heat and Air $7 diagnostic fee allows us to serve you and the community. Every first time customers $7 goes to ‘Another Chance House’ which helps serve the men and veterans in our community and get them back on their feet. When you are paying this fee you are helping someone in need. That’s why you should choose Snow Bear Heat and Air and give us a call today at 806-367-9416!