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Snow Bear Heat and Air is a company that provides many heating, ventilation and air conditioning services to all customers from their home to their business with Heating and Air Oklahoma. We push to accommodate all buildings and all homes. Our company started as Daniels Heating and Air and Daniel ran the whole business by himself, 10+ years later the company has transformed to Snow Bear Heating and Air. Every customer that chooses Snow Bear Heat and Air is choosing a company that you can count on, whether it be our morals, services or certifications. We understand how hard it may be to trust someone with such large, pricy equipment. There is nothing to fear when it comes to Snow Bear Heat and Air, integrity is our strongest suit. Call us today to have a real conversation with a representative about how you can get a certified technician dispatched to your home and or business for only $7! Yes, you read that right only $7 for a technician to diagnose the issues occurring with your system. Can we be honest? HVAC problems are no fun for anyone. Snow Bear Heat and Air wants to make this disaster into something wonderful, from the big projects, to the little fixes. Each employee here at Snow Bear Heat and Air is selected carefully and trained extensively. Even after being trained thoroughly, each employee is devoted to continuing to learn all new things about HVAC. We have regular team meetings to keep us on our feet and to grant you the best professional recommendations. Providing the best service is always the first priority. Once you pay the $7 and the technician verifies the error, you are left with a good, better and best solution. We will always give our professional opinion for what your home may need, but continue to leave the decision in your hands. Snow Bear Heat and Air offers a couple different financing options for any individual’s needs. Every project needs something different, it’s our specialty to make free quotes based on your home’s needs, but continue to give the option, of course. Once the project is confirmed, we work with your schedule to find a time that works best to start. Most of the time the technicians can get out the same day, but if not that day the next day or same week. It is incredibly important to our company that we leave you comfortable and confident. When building a company it can be exhausting and feel unrewarding. All the hard work and details have to be perfect for Heating and Air Oklahoma. Especially, when your business revolves around new or innovative supply chains, there are not many examples or people to look on. Cultivating medical marjuana can be a long and hard process, causing you to have even more dedication towards the growth of your company. Since Oklahoma’s legalization of medical marijuna in 2018, the demand for nurseries for this use have increased tremendously. An increasingly important factor for each of these habits is the HVAC system installed within these facilities. They count on just the perfect location, humidity, climate and temperature. The preferred temperature for growing indoors is between 68 and 78 degrees, declaring you’ll need air conditioning even in the dead of winter! It is imperial to have a high efficiency and highly effective system running this entire building at all times for the cultivation of each plant. Prices can be scary, but once the research is done on your exact needs and wants, it becomes clear how vital this system can be for your business to flourish. We also offer a couple finance options for every need or want. The budding medical marijuana industry needs unique systems for growing rooms. Last year, cannabis sales reached about $26.5 billion ! Just for this year they are expected to reach all the way to $32 billion! Those are impressive numbers, so it goes without saying this cash crop is in high demand. This highly demanded product deserves only the best equipment possible. We can’t forget to mention the high energy consumption that comes alot with this type of warehouse. That’s where traditional heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems fall short. Indirect-direct evaporative cooling (IDEC) systems tend to use around 60% less electricity than conventional refrigerant based AC systems. The reason why conventional AC systems fall short is due to them creating a dry environment which does not allow the cannabis plant to flourish. The systems also lack the flexibility to control air flow properly. Exceptions can include newer HVAC systems such as hybrid systems with Heating and Air Oklahoma. These allow growers to have much more flexibility for the air flow as well as humidity levels. Snow Bear Heat and Air always works with each customer to meet every individual need or want. It is our mission to go above and beyond for your business and home. Snow Bear Heat and Air is your one stop shop for all things Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. From the moment you give us a call saying your AC isn’t running properly, or you request a new system, we are all hands on deck. Our company works with anyone, their budget and their schedule to make the process as stress free as possible. Giving you the good, better and best options for each project ensures the change coming to your home is completely up to you. The climate in Oklahoma tends to be humid, hot and windy which would require plenty of air conditioner use, a unit for this weather must be highly effective and efficient. We want your business to succeed just as much as you do, leaving you in a comfortable and confident position. Commercial heating and air conditioning is a major responsibility and we are up to the task every time! Snow Bear Heat and Air started out as one person and has flourished into a hardworking family. Call an office representative today and become a member of the Snow Bear Heat and Air family and schedule an appointment or request a free quote.