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Is your thermostat not correctly reading the temperature for your Heating and Air Oklahoma? Are you noticing some noises from the closet where your heater is? Are there oil spots next to the condenser outside? Maybe it’s time to get your HVAC looked at. We know there is never a good time to interrupt your busy schedule and have your heating and air diagnosed but it can be very important and imperative to your unit’s health. The longer the issue persists, the higher the chance it damages other things and causes a costly repair, if not replacement. Our company offers a $7 diagnostic fee to first time customers which allows for a technician to enter the home, diagnose the equipment and suggest a repair quote in the form of good, better and best. Once you choose the repair that fits your needs best, we can go ahead and get you on the schedule for it. Most times it’ll be the same day/same time situation but if a part or piece of equipment needs to be ordered then we will give you an estimated time of arrival, a tentative appointment until it gets here. For these types of repairs, we do require half payment upfront to order the part and secure the spot for a later date. The rest of payment will be due upon our completion of the job of your Heating and Air Oklahoma. Snow Bear Heat and Air prides itself on the quality of work we are able to provide and how great our technicians are while they do it. They are all certified, qualified and trained. We also have weekly meetings with our staff inside and outside the office in order to keep the team up to date on all the new information and just rejog the memory and keep everything at the forefront of the brain. We are one of few companies who invest in their technicians’ time like this so often and it’s because we want them to go out and do amazing work for you and also so they always feel confident in what they do as well. Our technicians and our office staff are all equally part of and important to the team. We want there to always be an open line of communication between the two so that daily tasks can fly by with ease. We do also participate in training provided by the equipment manufacturers so we can look right from the factory what is the best way to help your system. The $7 diagnostic fee is open to all first time customers that believe they need their equipment checked or are just curious to have a technician take a look. It makes scheduling the initial appointment easier and allows you to get introduced to our company before any commitment! It’s a great opportunity to have your unit looked at before making any big decisions and if it does end up being the next step, then at least it was only a $7 diagnostic fee that led you there and made the road that much easier. Our “big decisions” are fairly simple. All of our replacement and installation options are put into four packages. They give different options for warranty coverage and efficiency ratings. Based on your needs, it is easy to pick a package and begin your home comfort project with Snow Bear Heat and Air and all it took was a $7 diagnostic fee. This diagnosis can definitely give you great insight to make whatever decision you need to with knowledge and confidence. As your heating and air service provider, we want to give you all the tools necessary to succeed in your own comfort. We often run into customers needing to use our $7 diagnostic fee but not many know about our $45 tune up. It is another great and efficient option to get your system looked at. Our spring and fall tune up is a general clean up on your heater or air conditioner before the season starts in order to make sure it’s going to run great. During the tune up, the technician will go through the full systems of operations and ensure all components are working and undamaged. If there is an issue that the technician notices or thinks may cause future problems, he will let you know and give you recommendations on how to move forward. These repairs will hopefully help avoid issues from occurring during the more serious season temperatures. Once this tune up is complete and any repairs that were needed, along with it, your system should be running at its optimal level. These tune ups are this price year around and for every season. If you use your tune up first, you are still eligible to use the $7 diagnostic fee. Please let us know how we can help and call us when you’re ready to set up an appointment. Whatever path you choose to go down, the $7 diagnostic or the $45 tune up, we are happy to help and get you scheduled for Heating and Air Oklahoma. Call our office and we can assess what needs to be looked at and done. We can set you up with a maintenance, a repair, or a replacement and full installation. Through whatever avenue you choose, we just want to make sure you are provided with the best of services and that the concerns that started this conversation are no longer happening when the repairs or replacements are done. We are excited to have a new homeowner join our amazing client list. Don’t hesitate, these are noncommittal and always available. Just give us a call and we can get you scheduled for our soonest available appointment. Join us this summer with these great deals and make sure the air conditioner is working full speed for this Texas heat. Don’t get caught hot on the worst days, let go of sitting in the pool to stay cool. Go inside and enjoy your home comfort project for all it is. Call us today, tonight, tomorrow, same deals apply and we will be so glad to get you scheduled!