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Heating, Ventilation and Air conditioning is not something a lot of people think about until they’re very hot or very cold or you happen to get in the business one way or another. However, it is always and forever expanding, evolving and coming out with new products and techniques including in Heating and Air Oklahoma. It really is an industry that has options for everyone and every situation. The issue is, as an everyday person who doesn’t follow the news of the HVAC world, when you need one, how do you know what you need? Most people know about their thermostat and where the equipment is but nothing about specs, size, nothing, which is completely okay and normal. That is why we have our comfort specialist here at Snow Bear Heat and Air. They can calculate exactly what your home or business may need to be efficient but do a great job. We offer a range of products to make this happen and will explain it to you and your family as we create a perfect system together. Our consultations are free and we would love to come out and see the property. We also are one of the only HVAC companies that offer over the phone consultations and even work of cannabis grow facilities. We are able to do these consultations due to our flat rate pricing. Our comfort specialist will handle all the specifics and can help you decide on a great system. However, you don’t need to know all the details when you call in. Our prices are set up for your benefit. A system may differ in size, efficiency and warranties and we are happy to break that all down. But at Snow Bear Heat and Air, we offer packages so you are able to pick from a group of choices rather than dealing with deciding what matches what and what goes with what. We will take care of all of the headaches. With our Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum packages, there are four perfectly laid out plans with included labor and warranties. If you feel you need equipment different than what is offered in those packages, you’re welcome to ask an associate for what you’re looking for and we’ll be happy to look into that for you and find a quote that best suits you. We are always happy to explain, discuss and assist our customers in trying to find the best system for them, their home or business like a cannabis grow facility and many others. When you are ready to commit, we will be transparent about the whole process for your Heating and Air Oklahoma. You will pick your desired package, we will ensure the equipment is available and give you a timeline of when we can go out there to knock this project out for your cannabis grow facility or any other business! We will make sure to communicate if any issues arise and always allow you to have the knowledge of what is occurring with your install. When everything is connected, installed and at the correct standard, we will turn it on and ensure everything is working properly and working together. Then Ta-Da, you have a brand new home comfort system that will take care of you for years to come! If anything does ever happen to seem like an issue, please give our 24 hour staff a phone call and they will be happy to assist you in getting onto our schedule and getting you all fixed up. We know that there is no stopping life and what to help you get back up and going as soon as possible. Our staff will book you for our soonest appointment and we will get one of our comfort specialists right on it! Give us a call! Here in Oklahoma, we also run into work for Cannabis Grow Facilities! We repair, replace or install full systems for these grow houses. We understand that this work does differ from the everyday install as the plants need specific environments to be able to thrive and produce at their best. We definitely want to help your business succeed and want our equipment to be a big part of why for your Heating and Air Oklahoma! Let us take a look at your set up on the property and our comfort specialist will be so happy to create a perfect plan on how and what system installation will work best. We love working on big and intricate projects such as these so we can show off our many skills and impress another customer! Our technicians are all professionals and have been in the industry for years. We would love to help you get yourself a smooth running system so your business can continue to flourish and grow. Your plants deserve it and you deserve it. Why stress over an old system or having no system to help? Let us know what the big dream is and we will do our part to get you there! Snow Bear Heat and Air is happy to do it all and be a part of it all even cannabis grow facilities. Home or business, we are glad to take a look and provide a quote for a system that will blow you away for years to come. We know that you only want the best for you, your business, your family, your employees, maybe even your plants in your cannabis grow facility! Take the first step and give one of our great staff members a call today to get a quote or set up an appointment. Starting the conversation is a big step when you’re not entirely sure what you’re needing, but that is okay. Our great team will help you navigate through this project and will step by step allow you to be in command and make the right choices. So give us a call and let’s start working together today. Heating and air can really make the difference anywhere it’s lacking and anywhere it’s great, especially in a cannabis grow facility. So enjoy how great it can make the situation and get the perfect system. Thank you for considering Snow Bear Heat and Air and our great team. We appreciate your time and can’t wait to hear from you! Get started today and give us a call!