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Oklahoma is on the horizon of a giant industry bloom and Snow Bear Heat and Air is here to help that reach maximum potential. Cannabis growing facilities are the cause for this boom. Reaching across the state, you’ll find thousands, new and proud. These facilities need great air quality and systems in order to run properly and efficiently. They hold many different strands of plants that require different environments and climates so check out Heating and Air Oklahoma. We are here to make sure they receive that so you can watch your products grow and flourish better than ever. A product that is doing great is a business that is doing better. These HVAC systems can definitely be considered an investment because that’s exactly what you’re doing. You’re investing in your company, your plants and essentially your success. These systems definitely make the difference between a hobby and a passion for Cannabis growing facilities. Our comfort specialists are ready to visit your facility whenever you’re ready to make that jump and we will be there every step of the way. Our staff is ready by the phone 24 hours out of a 7 day week and can’t wait to help you take control and get this project started. These plants can be very specific and each strand can need a specific environment in order to grow at the rates to produce for a business. Our comfort specialist will take all things into consideration when creating a project quote for Cannabis growing facilities. The heat from the lights, the alternating of that heat, the humidity, will all be calculated when choosing a system for your facility. We also know the climate of Oklahoma and what these systems will be facing on a day to day will need quality Heating and Air Oklahoma. Our hope is this system works for you and your plants and will bring you success just as well as it brings you the right air! Our consultations are free of charge and our staff is ready to go ahead and get you scheduled. We want to make sure you feel confident in every step you take towards this new project. Our representatives will walk you through every step. We know how big of a choice this can be and want you to know exactly what you’re getting when we install your system. We offer multiple brands at multiple levels of efficiency so I’m sure we can pair you with exactly what you’re looking for. All our equipment comes with labor, maintenance and part warranties. Most systems offer a standard 1 year maintenance plan from date of purchase to ensure it is taken care of well that very first year and our technicians will be out once in the spring and once it’s the fall to make sure everything is working great. We also offer a standard 1 year labor warranty with basic packages that allows you to have us out there for free at any point in that first year. To finish it off, most if not all of our systems come with a 10 year standard parts warranty. This means that if any part goes out within the first 10 years, it can be replaced for free. As you choose through packages, we do offer longer warranties based on the level that you choose so your unit’s health and protection is always in your hands! If you’d like to hear about these packages, give our staff a call and we can explain everything over the phone regarding Heating and Air Oklahoma. It usually takes about 15-20 minutes to explain our process and we are prepared to answer any question you may come up with along the way. Cannabis growing facilities are usually no more complicated. If we don’t have the answer right then and there, we will always be transparent and get back to you with one as soon as we can. Our quotes stay true for a long time after so even if you are unsure if this is what you would like to move forward with right now, you are welcome to revisit us in the future and make adjustments as needed! We do try to price match and beat our competitors pricing by 2% and earn your business. We are a great team to have behind you and your system and we would love to prove that to you, your family and/or your business like a Cannabis growing facility. There is nothing like feeling confident in dollars spent and we hope that is what it’s like with us. We are not business and buyers, we are in a partnership to provide you a great system worthy of your good word. At that, if you would like to hear from previous customers, we have plenty of google reviews to scope through. We definitely love to leave an impression. Please do your research and deep dive into our great company and team. We cannot wait to help you grow you Cannabis growing facility. We love to be able to connect with each of our customers and really perform a job that you will stay impressed with for years to come. Snow Bear Heat and Air is proud to service every type of home and business. We only care about providing you with total comfort and confidence! Heating and air should not be trivia and you shouldn’t be expected to know the ins and outs of something that is just sitting in your closet. Most times when you have moved into a home, the HVAC has already been there so we definitely want to provide you with all the tips and tricks on how to choose an amazing unit for whatever your situation may be such as a Cannabis growing facility. Our staff is excited to start this next journey with you and help your home become the best place to be! Also remember that we also do replacements and repairs so if you’re not ready to completely redo, we can always help fix and maintain the systems you have! Call us today and we can start going over options and get you set up for your consultation! Snow Bear Heat and Air Oklahoma is ready to help you reach the horizon and accomplish great things! Let’s get started now. Call us today!