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Snow Bear Heat and Air understands that there are so many HVAC companies to choose from, but did you know that we are rated one the top ones in town? As a homeowner not many people think about their heating and air conditioner until it is too late and it has already gone out and you are rushing to find a good and honest company. Here at Snow Bear Heat and Air we are here to take care of all your needs or questions that you may have. We have flat rate pricing, and if you are a first time customer our company offers a $7 diagnostic fee which sends a technician out to enter your home to assess, diagnose your equipment, and suggest a quote for the better or the best repair for Heating and Air Amarillo. Our company not only offers heating and air systems but we also have some of the best systems for cannabis. There are many people out there that get so overwhelmed when it comes to choosing what kind of system to go with when it comes to cannabis. Choosing Snow Bear Heat and Air, we strive to provide the absolute best customer service, and system for your home or business. As we all know cannabis is one of the most valuable crops in the United States and it is extremely sensitive that it must be climate controlled in order to grow properly. For example, not all of your HVAC systems will work for cannabis. If you have just your traditional system it is more than likely to dry it out. You want to make sure that whichever system that you go with, that you can set it to a specific temperature and humidity range, but having too much of the humidity can most definitely spoil your cannabis. Cannabis lights are normally on 24/7 all day everyday. When choosing which system is best for Heating and Air Amarillo, you also have to consider that cannabis rooms produce a large amount of aroma in small spaces, so you want a system that is good with ventilation. We know that it can be overwhelming when choosing which HVAC to go with, but by trusting Snow Bear Heat and Air you will always get the best customer service, best technicians flat rate prices and the most efficient system for your cannabis needs. We offer free estimates that let us go and give you a consultation at no charge to you. Everyone knows that when it comes to heating and air conditioning, homeowners and business owners don’t normally check on it until it is too late, and when it goes out at unexpected and worst time costs can get pretty pricey. Snow Bear Heat and Air has some great financing options. All our applications can be done through a link that is sent to your mobile device or we can help you through the process that takes about 10-15 minutes. Of course if financing isn’t an option that you would like to do that is most definitely okay. Here at Snow Bear Heat and Air, all of our prices are flat rate, which means no hidden or unexpected fees that would blind side you. Should we happen to run into any problems or run into something unexpectedly while installing your units we will always consult with you first, and of course will have the final say. We also have some great maintenance plans, too. All of our maintenance plans include 10% off all repairs and replacements, two preventative maintenance checks, one in the spring and one in the fall as well, priority scheduling, and they start as low as $13 a month. When you go to google and you look up heating and air companies, you are going to see countless of them pop up, and you are more than likely to get so overwhelmed with how many there are. Snow Bear Heat and Air is going to pop-up as one of the most top rated HVAC companies. If you look you will see that we have an abundance of amazing reviews from homeowners and businesses just like you. We take such pride and value in our everyday, and past customers that we have come in contact with on a day to day basis. As mentioned above, our company has a $7 diagnostic fee for all of our first time customers, Snow Bear Heat and Air will send out certified, qualified, and well trained technicians to your house or business if you ever need someone to come and look at your equipment to see if you may need a new system or just some simple repairs or maybe even a tune up on your unit. Here at Snow Bear Heat and Air we take pride and are so very happy to serve our customers with such an amazing $7 diagnostic fee on Heating and Air Amarillo and allow all our customers to get to know more about our company and why we do what we do for you. Snow Bear Heat and Air is more than proud to serve our community whether it be your home, business, or even your cannabis facility we are happy to do it all. Our company knows that it is very important to you that we provide not only the best systems for all of your needs, but your business, family, and maybe even your cannabis facility that you have. There are many things to consider when it comes to HVAC, but don’t forget that we do offer a $7 diagnostic fee for all our first time customers which will get that technician out to your home to assess and verify the issues that may be occurring with your system but also we do installation, repairs, replacements, maintenance, and also tune up to your units. Our team will help you step by step throughout this process, so take that leap of faith and choose Snow Bear Heat and Air for all your heating, air, and cannabis facility needs. You won’t find another company that will go above and beyond for you as a customer. Give us a call today!