Heating and Air Amarillo | Residential or Commercial HVAC

Snow Bear Heat and Air is known for many things but we hope the first thing you notice is our $7 diagnostic fee for Heating and Air Amarillo. This fee allows a certified technician to enter your home and begin to access and verify the issues you may be experiencing. Once they have completed troubleshooting and have a full idea of the problem, our team will suggest a repair quote in the form of good, better, best options. We definitely understand that repairs are unexpected and unfortunate. They really do happen at the worst of times and as a company, we try to make the process as painless as possible. We will provide these quotes and allow you to decide how to move forward. Our $7 diagnostic fee is definitely a no commitment deal. You can choose to do the repair right then and right there or wait until you and your family are ready. Snow Bear Heat and Air is a company grown with small town values and aims to maintain those. We were helped by the many people who believed in us when we first started and hope to keep those same folks proud of us as we move forward with Heating and Air Amarillo. Our $7 diagnostic fee is a great way to get introduced to our company and see what we are all about. We definitely appreciate any and every homeowner who is willing to give us a try. As said before, you are not committed to the repair after the diagnosis. This can just be an insight into the issue while you decide the best time to go ahead and deal with this problem. If you are not ready to do the repair then, you can always give us a call when you are ready and we’ll be happy to get you back on the schedule. Our team will always be ready to take your call twenty four – seven and assist you in whatever it might be. We can definitely answer questions about the repair and clarify anything for you. Snow Bear Heat and Air wants to make the process as painless as possible. HVAC repairs can be an unfortunate interruption in your daily life and we know nobody wants to have to deal with it. Call our office when things go wrong and we will do our best to help steer you right! 806-367-9416, let us know how we can help today! At Snow Bear Heat and Air, we are here to take the extra step. We do have our $7 diagnostic fee but we also do repairs, replacements and installations. It can be single pieces of equipment, full systems and even ductwork. We also replace small parts like thermostats, copper and more. We really want to make sure that when we go out, we are able to take care of every part of the project you might need. We don’t want to leave any loose ends on your HVAC. We pride ourselves on our quality of work and the quality of our technicians. They are all experienced, certified and qualified to provide you with the best of services. Our team in and out the office is always doing training and learning exercises to ensure they are encountering our homeowners with the best and most up to date knowledge. We want to make sure that the work we do will last for the lifetime of your installation and equipment, which is pretty long. The $7 diagnostic fee is the best way to let one of our amazing technicians assess the situation and help you decide what route should be taken next with the information we are able to provide. There are no good uh-ohs when it comes to HVAC but when you call Snow Bear Heat and Air, we hope we can at least make it a fast and good experience. Of course we also want to repair and help resolve the issue but we definitely hope you enjoy the experience and the next time you might have another incident, you give Snow Bear Heat and Air a call for your Heating and Air Amarillo. We are open twenty four hours a day and seven days a week so we are ready for you as soon as you are ready for us. We are here to do the most for our customers and leave you with an outstanding impression. Our whole team works really hard to be one of the best teams you’ll experience. We do not view these as fast $7 diagnostic fee appointments. We see it as an opportunity to meet and learn the needs of a new client. Thank you for considering us for this repair/replacement. We hope we are able to leave a lasting impression on another homeowner such as we have times before. If you would like to hear from previous customers of ours, please feel free to view our plentiful reviews on our google page. The $7 diagnostic fee is open for all first time customers and is the deal of the day every day. We have had it as long as we can remember and keep it as a way to remember our own humble beginnings. Just give us a call when you are ready to move forward with a diagnostic, repair, replacement or installation. We can start from scratch or assess what you have all going on. We are open to any types of quotes you might want done across the board. We specialize in heating, air and ventilation and can get everything settled for your new install. We are here to handle all of your HVAC needs and do it right the first time. We will always be transparent about what we need to do and what we will need to do. Call us when you are ready to move forward with this project and we will be happy to help. Snow Bear Heat and Air is a place of people who want to work and get things done. Just give us a call when you are ready! Thank you!