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Heating and air is something a homeowner rarely thinks about before there is an issue, check out Heating and Air Amarillo. But of course once we feel that chilly air on an already cold night or no cold air at all on those warm ones, we notice immediately. The big hunk of mechanical “things” in the closet or attic becomes so important in that evident moment. All great things usually go unnoticed, however, great things need some recognition from time to time, like your HVAC. Maintenance is a great way to prevent these unexpected service interruptions. A maintenance agreement is a plan set up to ensure your unit is in good working condition. Ours is set up for two visits per year, one in the spring and one in the fall. These tune ups allow a technician to go in and see if there are any repairs that may be needed in the near future and also clean up the mechanics of it all to prevent anything further from needing repair. These checks can make the difference between getting stuck with no heating and air and having it. We also offer a $7 diagnostic fee for all first time customers in case you do still need services. Our $7 diagnostic fee gets a certified technician out to your home to diagnose any issues you may be having. Once they have a full idea of the repair, we will provide you with a quote and it is completely up to you from there on if you would like to continue or not. Most repairs can be completed the same day but if it is a bigger repair, our office will contact you about our next available appointment for Heating and Air Amarillo. Our service repairs are no contract so if you decide to wait on this repair, all you pay is the $7 diagnostic fee, and the process is that easy. So, if you miss your maintenance, and you feel your air kick off or an ugly noise, maybe you even see smoke, call us for this amazing service deal. Our diagnostics are quick and painless and completely optional. Our maintenance is always $45, spring or fall, and appointments are available! Rather it be our $7 diagnostic fee or our great maintenance plans, we are happy to service you and offer a great deal while also tending to your HVAC system. Our trained and certified technicians are great and happy to help. Heating and air conditioning issues are never fun to have but they can be easier with the right company. We know that there are a million things going on in your life right now and this repair was not supposed to be at the forefront but here we are. Your family needs heating and air in order to be comfortable at home and at certain temperatures, even to be safe. The $7 diagnostic offers the opportunity to see what all is going on without a commitment to having to deal with the issue right there and then. Some of us simply don’t have the means to deal with repairs right now, or the time between work and kids. Please know that we will always be as understanding as possible for every situation we encounter so we can serve you to the best of our abilities. Take the stress out of an unexpected cost by making it minimal and understanding. There is no pressure when there is no commitment! Call our office today to take advantage and set up a diagnostic appointment today. Our office is open twenty four hours a day and seven days a week. Let us know how we can help! We also perform replacements and installations. We do free in-home consultations for either/or. One of our comfort specialists can go out and decide with you what package works best for you and your home. Our packages range in efficiency and differ in warranties. We do sell 3 different types of equipment that range from builder’s grade to all the bells and whistles. Whatever kind of equipment you may be looking for, I am sure we can find something to match. Our technicians are great at explaining the amazing benefits of each system and will help you work out all the kinks before leaving you to your comfort system. We can also help you with all of this over the phone prior or in place of the in home consultation. This way we are able to email you all quotes and go back and forth while you decide what you want to do. We also offer plenty of financing options across the board and can definitely help you find a plan that will fit you and your budget best. We can do it online, over the phone, or in person. We love to accommodate our customers and want to make the entire process simple. The $7 diagnostic fee is available to all first time customers and can definitely help you decide what step you need to take next without the commitment. When moving towards a repair, you can always call us when you are ready and we can help you get scheduled and settled. Our $7 diagnostic fee is really unheard of anywhere else and we are proud to be able to provide our customers with a deal such as this one for Heating and Air Amarillo. Our basic monthly agreement begins at $13 a month or our one time maintenance visit is just $45 any and every time you get it. We appreciate our customers for choosing us and that is why we offer specials such as these. You deserve a company that gives back to you like you do for us. Snow Bear Heat and Air is a proud homegrown small town company that has those good ol’ fashion values. Give us a call at 80-367-9416 whenever you are ready to schedule one of these appointments with one of our amazing comfort specialists. Our team is ready and waiting to help you solve and find all your heating and air needs.