Heating and Air Amarillo | Importance of Air Quality

When Snow Bear Heat and Air says we service almost everything from service calls to installs we mean it when it comes to Heating and Air Amarillo! The hard work, dedication, and training does not fall short in any area, we believe in quality work. Integrity is our strong suit, we always want you to know exactly what’s wrong and give you good, better, best options on how we come to a solution. We don’t just stop and repairs and replacements, we want to ensure your system is running properly for each season to come. Snow Bear Heat and Air offers two different options if you are interested in this route. Those options include a $45 tune up and a maintenance plan. The maintenance plan can start as low as $13 a month or $158 for the whole year, which gets you 2 preventative maintenance checks, 10 percent off repairs and replacements, and priority scheduling. These types of services are always highly recommended for new or old units to ensure they are running efficiently and effectively. You can even extend the life of your unit by doing this! There are tons of benefits ranging from saving money, air quality, keeping your home safe, improving comfort, and overall granting yourself a greater peace of mind. Saving money is necessary when it comes to large pricey equipment. A small investment made only twice a year can save you from loads of stress. Regular maintenance on your HVAC is said to reduce risks of costly breakdowns by about 90 percent! Just like your car needs an oil change and some maintenance every so many miles, your HVAC system needs a maintenance bi yearly. The bi weekly check ups give it the opportunity to prepare for the season to come. When you receive your energy bill, you may say “Wow! That’s a high bill!” It could very well be your system running harder than it has to. Preventative maintenance checks assure your system is running exactly how it needs to be at an efficient rate for your Heating and Air Amarillo . The United States Department of Energy claims you can save up to 30 percent on your energy bills when your system receives regular maintenance checks. Not only does it save you money on your energy bills, but also extends the life of the unit saving you money, by not having to pay for large costly repairs or replacements. As you can tell this is a wise and vital investment for your HVAC system. Have you ever had a nasty musty smell in your home? Maybe even feel like the air might be thick or moist? Improving the air quality in your home is so important. Everyday we live and share our home with a variety of substances; indoor allergens. These allergens can range from pet dander, pollen, mold, and dust. You may not even realize you’re breathing these in daily. It can be harmful for you and especially if someone in your family suffers from respiratory issues and asthma. Preventative maintenance on your system helps to ensure that the air blowing through your vents is clean and as well filtered as possible. The comfort specialist may suggest a new filter or even the cleaning of a specific part in your system. Snow Bear Heat and Air can take care of almost all issues involving improving air quality, although we usually recommend getting those ducts cleaned by a professional duct cleaner. Although mini splits are ductless or have few ducts, they require maintenance. The comfort specialist will clean the reusable filter within the mini split allowing it to blow quality air. The EPA reports indoor air pollutants are anywhere from 2-5 times higher than outdoor levels. As you know, Snow Bear Heat and Air offers maintenance plans as well as regular one time tune ups you can purchase whenever you would like for $45. Our professional technicians recommend a maintenance plan that can start as low as $13 a month or the whole year for $158. This plan allows you to be a contract customer with the Snow Bear Heat and Air family which includes a couple bonus benefits such as; priority scheduling over non contract customers and 10% off repairs and replacements. This is an amazing deal, especially because it includes more than just those routine check ups on your system. Each of these maintenance checks takes place in the fall and spring. Included in the basic maintenance check is a visual inspection of leakage and rust, accessible ducts, air filtration system, blower wheel and motor, wiring and electrical disconnect. The comfort specialist will also complete an operations sequence check, record amp draw, replace filters provided by the customer at time of inspection, and check and calibrate the thermostat as required. Depending on the season, the comfort specialist will visually inspect more areas or parts that will be in use according to the weather. Regular preventative maintenance on your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems are vital for you and your unit for great Heating and Air Amarillo. They ensure a healthy unit and healthy environment. A small investment for maintenance can save you loads of money and stress, from costly repairs, replacements and energy bills. You depend on your HVAC system to keep you in comfort all year round so give it some love and keep your home safer. You’ve heard about all the indoor allergens and pollutants, get a comfort specialist to assist you in making your home safe with filters and cleanings. Spending $13 a month, $158 for the year, or even $45 one time for the preventative maintenance check can ensure your helping your home, environment, bank account, and you are safe. Give yourself a greater peace of mind knowing that you’ve already taken the steps to prevent error and save the stress. Call Snow Bear Heat and Air today and have a real conversation with an office representative about purchasing a maintenance agreement or just a tune up appointment! We are waiting to hear from you and service your home or business, whether it be a repair, replacement, install, cleaning, preventative maintenance, quote or simple question!