Heating and Air Amarillo | HVAC Repairs or Replacement

Is your heater or A/C not working? Is there no cold or hot air blowing out? Did your A/C freeze? Do you notice any oil spots or maybe hear any funny noises that may be coming from the closet, attic, or possibly the garage? Well, then maybe it is time to have your HVAC checked out. Homeowners never really think about their HVAC until it is too late. Our company knows that there is never a good time for your heater or the A/C to go out, and when it does give in and go out, it goes out at the most unexpected time. The longer you wait, and let the problems occur with your system and you don’t have your HVAC looked at, in the long haul it will cause more damage, costly repairs, and even a replacement if needed. Here at Snow Bear Heat and Air our company offers a $7 diagnostic fee for all of our first time customers on Heating and Air Amarillo. This fee will allow a technician out your home to assess, diagnose the equipment, and to verify the occuring issues that you are having with your system and will give a quote for the good, better, and the best. Once you have chosen which repair or replacement fits your budget; we will schedule at a time that works best for you and will send a technician to come out. In most cases it will be same day service unless we have to order a part, which in these circumstances we will communicate with you every step of the way about the estimated time on the parts, and when we will get a technician out there. If we do have to order a part for any repair, we do require an upfront half payment to not only order the part but to also secure your spot on the schedule for another time. At Snow Bear Heat and Air we take such pride as a company and in our current and future customers so that we can provide you with the best customer services. Our office staff is here to help with any questions that you may have, send you quotes, and get you the absolute best equipment that you may need now, or in your future with Heating and Air Amarillo. Our technicians have a weekly meeting to refresh and keep them up to date. All of our techs are all fully certified, qualified and most importantly trained in the field of work that they perform every day. There are a million things that happen inside a home and a whole selection of appliances that can wreak havoc in every room. Most appliances you deal with at least daily, or weekly, some of the others maybe even monthly, however, your HVAC can go unnoticed for months or even years. If you are involved, you will change your filter every 1-3 months as you’re supposed to. That is still a while for a giant piece of equipment to sit outside, in your closet, or attic to just sit there without any concern. You do want your heating and air to work without issue and interruption but regular maintenance should be just that – regular. We have a great maintenance plan that starts as low as $13 a month. It includes your fall and spring tune up, 10% off repairs and replacement as well as priority scheduling. You can always use our $7 diagnostic fee if an issue pops up but these maintenance are a great way to prevent these pop ups and give our technicians a chance to just check in on your unit like you do on your everyday appliances. Although they do well unnoticed most times, they are large pieces of equipment that should be appreciated for what they are capable of for your Heating and Air Amarillo. With the Snow Bear Heat and Air maintenance plans that we offer, maintenance is not only great to have to prevent unexpected things from happening but it is also good to have a plan to ensure that your system is working in excellent condition. When it comes to you the customer, whether you chose to do the maintenance plans or even the $7 diagnostic fee our staff and technicians are ready to help and service you with what we have to offer. Snow Bear Heat and Air is a company that loves to give options. During our $7 diagnostic, we will provide our client with good, better, best options for repair so you can decide what best fits your schedule, budget or hopes for how your heating and air system performs. These quotes can be emailed or texted to you so that you may share with your family so you all can help and have input on any decision. There is no need for rash decisions either, although we usually can perform a repair in a day, you are welcome to put the repair in your back pocket and revisit it at a better time. Our $7 diagnostic fee is a great way to just get familiar with our company and team. Here at Snow Bear Heat and Air we understand that it is not only important to provide you with the best systems for all your needs, but also to your family, and business that you may have. When you google HVAC companies it will be so overwhelming to decide which one to go with. If you will notice Snow Bear Heat and Air will be at the very top of that list. We have some of the best reviews and provide you with excellent customer service. When it comes to your HVAC there are different factors that come into place, but don’t forget that we offer the $7 diagnostic fee for all of our first time customers which will allow you one of our highly trained, certified, and experienced technicians out to your home to assess and verify the issues that are occurring with your system. Our team is here to help you and will communicate with you throughout the entire process. We know that it is scary when choosing an HVAC company but look no further and take that step and give us a call today here at Snow Bear Heat and Air. We are here and ready to serve you for all your HVAC needs. Call us today and let us help you with all of your HVAC needs.