Heating and Air Amarillo | HVAC Repair for Homeowners

There are endless heating and air companies for Heating and Air Amarillo. You can google heating and air companies in your area and there will be so many options, your head may spin. Snow Bear Heat and Air will always be at the very top of that list though. We have many great google reviews straight from homeowners who have experienced our services and have had nothing but good things to say. We appreciate those homeowners because they help you, a future client, decipher through the many options the internet has to offer. Ratings don’[t lie and on google, we are rated number 1. A lot of our new homeowners enjoy our first time customer $7 diagnostic fee. This fee allows a certified, trained technician the opportunity to have a look at your equipment and take a full assessment of what may be going on. This option is usually for those already experiencing issues but some homeowners do utilize it just to ensure a technician does not find any problems when they arrive. However you choose, this is a great way to connect with our company and team and allow us to introduce ourselves and the quality experience we bring to the table for your Heating and Air Amarillo. The $7 diagnostic fee can sometimes scare our home owners though. Why is it so cheap? Are they going to fully diagnose the issue? Is there hidden fees behind the $7? WE completely understand the concern. Our $7 diagnostic fee is a way to meet our homeowners without the pressure of a giant repair. Our technicians will do a complete assessment and suggest whatever repair may be needed. It is completely non committal and you do not have to continue with the repair if you wouldn’t like to. There are no other fees if you choose to not continue with the repair and that’s the full beauty of it. The $7 diagnostic fee is also donated to a charity in Amarillo, TX called Another Chance House. It helps rehabilitate veterans and homeless men. They have an array of programs to assist them in the workforce, counseling, training classes. It is a great organization and we love being able to assist them with continuing to help our community. We donate all of the $7 every quarter just to show some appreciation for what they do for these men and even their families. When using Snow Bear Heat and Air, just know you are getting your heating and air fixed while also helping someone in need in our community. Our $7 diagnostic fee is not the only great deal we have going on. We also have $45 spring and fall tune ups. Whether you’re gearing up for summer or winter, we will help get your system at optimal capacity so hopefully you can enjoy another season with a great working system. These tune ups are a basic maintenance check of the units. Our technicians will check through the full system of operations and ensure everything is running how and when it is supposed to. They will also do a basic cleaning and let you know if any components need repair or if any will need repair soon. These tune ups are a great way to extend the life of your equipment and make sure that you and your family will have a working system through the next big weather change. These are not promotional prices either. This great deal is all year around and just waiting for you to take advantage. Call our office anytime you would like to go ahead and get scheduled and our wonderful staff will set you up with an appointment in no time! Snow Bear Heat and Air is a company grown in a small town and we thinks an important part of us. We love getting to know our homeowners and greeting bonds that will last the eternity of our relationship. We are always open to questions, listening to you about what is happening with your unit and what you think may be important for us to know the full extent of the issue for your Heating and Air Amarillo. We want our clients to know that we do understand these repairs can be very unexpected and nerve wrecking and we never have the intent on making any of it worse. We are here to offer you plenty of options and allow you and your family to decide what all needs to be done to feel successful. Our staff is waiting by the phone all day just to make sure someone is there to answer when you need help. We hope when we visit your home or business that it is always a pleasant visit despite the unpleasantness of a repair. And we love feedback so please feel free so let our staff know how we’re doing and be a part of letting other homeowners know the great experience you had with Snow Bear Heat and Air. Whether it is the diagnostic fee or tune up, call us when you are ready to set up an appointment. We appreciate any and all homeowners who use these services as an introduction to our company. We love leaving clients happy and being able to know that we leave the home with great quality work being done. Even if you do not continue with that repair at the time, you are always welcome to give us a call back and revisit it. Thank you for calling or even considering Snow Bear Heat and Air. We can’t wait to hear from some new clients and begin new relationships! Call us today to go ahead and get started whether it be a repair, replacement or installation. Our technicians are ready to work and provide a great service. Our office staff is available day and night every day to answer phone calls and help you get set up with whatever type of appointment you may need. If you haven’t decided on one, we can definitely help you sort through our menu of services and help you find exactly what you are looking for.