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Desperate times call for desperate measures, but it doesn’t have to be that way with Heating and Air Amarillo. No more sketchy jobs, get the job done right at Snow Bear Heat and Air . We are committed to serving all customers with quality of service and the best outcome for your home or business. The best thing you can do is call Snow Bear Heat and Air to avoid a job not up to par. Our technicians are highly trained professionals in the HVAC world and we have customer service reps to walk you through every step. For all first time customers we run a $7 diagnostic fee, which sends a technician to your home, to accurately assess and diagnose the error in your system. Once the technician is done they will provide you with answers and ways to get your unit properly running. Most fixes can happen the same day, or just days after. Snow Bear Heat and Air offers free up front pricing with no commitment and 100 percent financing for all big, worrisome jobs. Everything is made stress free when you choose the highest rated heating and air conditioning service in Amarillo. Snow Bear Heat and Air is always your best bet. How much do you usually pay for service calls? They can be so expensive and only for them to tell you what’s wrong with it. Those high rates don’t include repair or replacement. Here at Snow Bear Heat and Air we keep it affordable. We offer a $7 diagnostic fee for all first time customers! Yes, that’s right only $7, we even give free quotes if there is a need for repair or replacement of Heating and Air Amarillo. Spending the $7 can allow a technician to enter your home to assess and diagnose the issue with your ac unit. There are so many ways to save at Snow Bear Heat and Air! One of my favorite offers here has got to be the maintenance plan. The maintenance plan can be as low as $13 or $158 a month. The maintenance plan gives you priority scheduling, two preventative tune ups, and 10% off all repairs and replacements. All of our highly trained technicians do their best to leave you living in comfort. If your heating or air conditioning system is not working properly, you know Snow Bear is your best bet. Give us a call at 806-367-9416, Snow Bear is always striving to leave you in comfort. With summer coming up things can get real busy with the kids out of school, having friends over, or even just relaxing at home. Unfortunately this is the season where our air conditioners start not wanting to work properly. That can be unbelievably inconvenient, especially in this Texas heat! Of course, Snow Bear Heat and Air is always here to assist you and make this inconvenience more comfortable. We offer many deals, one of the biggest deals is a $7 diagnostic fee for our first time customers. This fee enables us to dispatch a certified technician to your home or company to diagnose the issues with your unit. Each of our technicians are highly trained and equipped to offer the best service for your unit. They can even set you up with free quotes if you are in need of a new unit. A great way to save all year round is purchasing a Snow Bear Heat and Air maintenance agreement. This agreement saves you 10% on all repairs and replacements, two preventative maintenance checks, and priority scheduling. This maintenance agreement not only keeps your system running at 100%, but saves you money if you are even in need of repair and replacements. Snow Bear Heat and Air is a trusted HVAC company that started out by serving Amarillo, and since then has expanded to serve Texas and Oklahoma. We absolutely love our customers here at Snow Bear Heat and Air, they are always our first priority! When it comes down to your AC units, we are the ones to call. Heating and Air conditioning units can be complicated and hard to fix. It is always in your best interest that you call a licensed professional to accurately fix your unit. The technicians are highly qualified individuals, they are constantly acquiring new knowledge on all things HVAC. They are committed to giving you the best service for Heating and Air Amarillo, for a great price. For only $7 Snow Bear Heat and Air can dispatch one of these technicians to your home in a time of need. This $7 allows the technician to enter your home and diagnose the problem, if the problem is a quick fix they can do it then and if not it can be fixed usually next day or within the week. We work hard to allow all customers to live in comfort and make the process of doing so, as worry free as possible. Can we all agree heating and air conditioning units are so important in everyday life? They help make the cooling and warming up process significantly easier. Somehow most of us tend not to give them a second thought. Although, our units always get noticed once they are not functioning properly. Getting a trusted technician out to diagnose what the problem is can be pricey and hard to find. Snow Bear Heat and Air offers a $7 diagnostic fee to all first time customers, which allows a highly certified technician to be dispatched to your home and assess the errors in your system. We also happen to be the most reviewed heating and air services here in Amarillo, take a look for yourself why Snow Bear Heat and Air should always be your first and last choice. We take pride in meeting all customers’ HVAC needs and are more than willing to go above and beyond to leave you in comfort. Snow Bear Heat and Air offers many great deals, financing and services. Call our offices today at 806-367-9416 and have a real conversation with one of our representatives to get your unit back up and running again!