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Things can get overwhelming with Heating and Air Amarillo, especially having kids, pets, appointments, work, school and whatever else life decides to throw at us. Not to mention added stress on things we hardly pay attention to in our daily life, like a heating and air conditioning unit. Of course they are not taken for granted, especially in this crazy Texas weather. Unfortunately, this crazy weather can take a toll on ac units, damaging the outside condenser is a huge problem. Luckily, there are ways we can take charge against damage to your units. Making sure you are having a heat and air conditioning specialist come to your home ensuring the unit is running efficiently is key to prevent big fixes with big price tags. Snow Bear Heat and Air is your best option, being the highest rated HVAC service here in Amarillo. For first time customers, only spending $7 can get all ac problems assessed and diagnosed. Snow Bear Heat and Air is devoted to training its technicians to be the best they can be! Once the issues are assessed, they will provide you with the best option to move forward with your ac unit. We love to provide families with being comfortable in their own homes and keep the stress of an appliance down to a minimum. Making sure you are regularly having a certified heating and air specialist to your home is very important. A specialist performing maintenance on your ac unit once in the spring and once in the fall helps to ensure the unit is properly running for Heating and Air Amarillo. In these routine checks the technicians inspect the ducts, air filtration systems, blower and wheel motor, unit wiring, they also perform tests on the capacitors for leakage and rust. Not having a maintenance plan with Snow Bear Heat and Air, can be costly and time consuming. For as low as $13 a month we will keep up with your unit in both seasons! If you run into a big problem with your ac unit, your replacement and repair can be unbearable. That’s why it’s perfect to have a maintenance plan, you can save 10% on all repairs and replacements, as well as priority scheduling. We could even get you a whole new unit as soon as the next day or same week you give us a call. Snow Bear Heat and Air is a wonderful company who takes pride in great work with good, better and best options. When it comes to your HVAC we have your best interest! Snow Bear Heat and Air is home of the 7, 7, 7, deal ; 7 day a week 24/7 emergency service, for as low as $7. You are choosing the best and most rated heating and air services in Amarillo, when you call us. Take advantage of our $7 first time customer diagnostic fee. A customer service representative will answer your call, and set up an appointment in just a matter of a few minutes! Our representatives are trained to answer all questions, including making the whole process stress and worry free as possible. Most of the time we can have a technician out the same day, other HVAC services can possibly take days. We are constantly putting customers first, so they may live in constant comfort. That’s why all technicians are highly trained and constantly trying to learn new things to apply to your HVAC. For only $7 you can secure a spot on the schedule, after said appointment a technician will give you a good, better, best option or fix the issue the same day! Call Snow Bear Heat and Air at 806-367-9416 to set up your first appointment, and all you need is $7! We accept card or check over the phone. Accidents happen everyday especially being homeowners, things get old, worn out, and broken. It can be so stressful with something as big as an ac unit. As we know, an ac unit is vital for everyday life and we are so accustomed to controlling the temperature with only the lick of a button. When we can not just press a button it can be scary and worrisome. Snow Bear Heat and Air is an understanding of times like this and will help you every step of the way with your Heating and Air Amarillo. For as low as $7 you can have a certified technician come out to your home and verify the issues that are occurring with your system. Once your technician has verified the issues that are occurring, he will give you the best recommendation on how to move forward with the next step. Our technicians are always courteous and professional. You can begin today for $7, and even if it is a big fix we offer many financing options including 0% interest! We take pride in our work and products, let us show you how helpful we truly can be. Call today and get an appointment scheduled, or we can do free estimates over the phone! Amarillo Texas is the home town of Snow Bear Heat and Air. We are so blessed to be able to expand and serve many more communities. The morals of our company follow us everywhere we go. A huge staple of Snow Bear Heat and Air is our first time diagnostic fee, for only $7. This fee allows a highly trained professional HVAC technician to enter your home, diagnose the issue and offer a solution. This fee of $7 not only benefits you, but the people of this community. Every $7 is donated to ‘Another Chance House’; they help serve the Veterans and men in our community. You are doing more than you think when making a diagnostic appointment. Snow Bear Heat and Air is committed to serving each community. We are your one stop shop for all things HVAC. Our ladies in the office are very friendly and knowledgeable on all customers’ needs and wants. They will be able to get a technician to your house almost always the same day. Call the highest reviewed Heating and Air service in Amarillo at 806-367-9416, we will leave you finding comfort in your home again! Home of the 7, 7 ,7 deal.