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Wouldn’t it be amazing if there was a way heating and air conditioning units lasted forever? That would be amazing! Unfortunately, all good things come to an end. Do not worry there are many ways to keep your unit up and running efficiently and effectively for many years! Snow Bear Heat and Air offers an amazing maintenance plan that is extremely beneficial for your unit. Our specific maintenance agreement includes two preventative maintenance checks, one in the spring and one in the fall. It also includes 10% off repairs and replacements as well as priority scheduling. This maintenance plan can be as low as $13 a month or $158 for the whole year. A preventative maintenance check or tune up on your system, can help prepare it for the upcoming season of Heating and Air Amarillo. The weather can be harsh on the unit, a lot of the time not getting these regular checks can run up your electricity bill because the unit is working harder than it needs to. Not only can they save you money on your electricity bill, but these checks prevent costly breakdowns! Snow Bear heat and Air can help you and your family stay in comfort, give us a call today. Afraid of an unreliable unit? Are you scared your unit won’t make it through the season? Calling Snow Bear Heat and Air could be your best idea yet. We specialize in leaving customers worry free and in consistent comfort. You will never have to worry about heating, ventilation and air conditioning ever again. Our first time customers can get a technician dispatched to their home and receive a diagnosis for only $7! The $7 is a great way in taking the necessary steps for your unit. The technician will give you the information he gathered while at your home and assist you in making the right decision for your unit. This small service fee not only benefits you, but benefits the community. All first time service fees are donated to a local Amarillo charity, Another Chance House. They work hard to assist Veterans and men get back on their feet. We are committed to serving you, as well as our community for Heating and Air Amarillo. Choosing Snow Bear Heat and Air will ensure you and your family are living comfortably in this crazy Texas weather. Call us today to speak with a representative about how we can assist and get you on our schedule. Is your heater or A/C not working? Is there no cold or hot air blowing out? Did your A/C freeze? Do you notice any oil spots or maybe hear any funny noises that may be coming from the closet, attic, or possibly the garage? Well, then maybe it is time to have your HVAC checked out. Homeowners never really think about their HVAC until it is too late. Our company knows that there is never a good time for your heater or the A/C to go out, and when it does give in and go out, it goes out at the most unexpected time. The longer you wait, and let the problems occur with your system and don’t get a technician to diagnose, it could cause more damage, costly repairs, and even a replacement if needed. Here at Snow Bear Heat and Air our company offers a $7 diagnostic fee for all of our first time customers. This fee will allow a technician out your home to assess, diagnose the equipment and to verify the occurring issues that you are having with your system and leave you living comfortably in your home again. For $7 Snow Bear Heat and Air can dispatch a technician to your home and diagnose your unit. A technician will always give you options moving forward. Once you have chosen which repair or replacement fits your budget; we will schedule at a time that works best for you and will send a technician to come out. In most cases it will be same day service unless we have to order a part, which in these circumstances we will communicate with you every step of the way about the estimated time on the parts, and when we will get a technician out there. At Snow Bear Heat and Air we take such pride as a company and in our current and future customers so that we can provide you with the best customer services. Our office staff is here to help with any questions that you may have, send you quotes, and get you the absolute best equipment that you may need now, or in your future. All of our techs are all fully certified, qualified and most importantly trained in the field of work that they perform every day. Call Snow Bear Heat and Air today so we can make everyday wonderful for you and your Heating and Air Amarillo! Texas Heat can be exhausting, a good working air conditioner is a must have for summer. It can be so miserable without an efficient and effective air conditioning system. Beating the heat and leaving your home comfortable is top priority here at Snow Bear Heat and Air. We offer many services, our speciality is the $7 diagnostic fee for our first time customers. We understand how hard it can be to trust an individual to fix a large, expensive piece of equipment. We pride ourselves with being reliable, qualified, and courteous. Each technician has many years of experience, highly trained and frequently has meetings to learn more about everything HVAC. Our company’s office assistants are also trained thoroughly in guiding you through everything the moment they pick up the phone. We strive to leave every customer with a better peace of mind than how they come to us. Snow Bear Heat and Air also offers a maintenance plan for as low as $13 a month to ensure your system is running efficiently and effectively. This agreement includes 10% off repairs and replacements, priority scheduling, and of course two preventative maintenance checks, which ensure your unit is prepared for the upcoming season.