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Heating and air units are huge for our everyday life, you wake up on a hot day and turn the A/C on, you drive to work in an air conditioned car, and you work in an air conditioned building. Of course exceptions apply. We live our everyday lives more comfortably with heating and air. Especially here in Texas, it can be a major blessing for Heating and Air Amarillo. That’s why here at Snow Bear Heat and Air we offer great customer service at low rates. We have over 15 years of experience with added training allowing us to serve our community efficiently. We offer a large range of services such as; ductwork, thermostats, sensors, ventilators, heating and air conditioning units. We strive to leave every customer satisfied with our services the first time around and will continuously prove why we are the top rated heating air repair service in Amarillo. We understand the incidents that take place in our home and we can help make it as stress free as possible. That’s why in addition to our twenty-four seven service and free estimates we offer a $7 service fee for our first time customers. This fee allows a comfort specialist out to your home to assess and verify the issues that are occurring with your unit. For only $7 a technician can come out to your house and diagnose the issues occurring with the system. Air conditioning systems must be reliable especially with the constant weather change. It is inevitable for our air conditioning units to have problems especially when they grow in age just as we humans do. Things will happen and we are the ones to call for all your heating and air conditioning needs. We can give you the good, better and best option after assessing. Sometimes it’s just a simple, quick fix which can be fixed the same day! We are locally owned in Amarillo, but we are expanding with one city at a time. Here at Snow Bear Heat and Air, we understand how scary buying such large equipment with a big price tag can be, that’s why our sales associates are trained to walk you through the process, answering any questions there may be. Their best quality is being friendly and comforting, guiding you through the process. We also have a variety of financing options and accept many forms of payments such as a check over the phone as well as a credit card. We are very understanding, and willing to work with anyone! Snow Bear Heat and Air loves any and all customers, we take pride in offering amazing service at great pricing. We strive to make everyday wonderful for each customer we encounter, whether it be a repair or simple maintenance. A Snow Bear Heat and Air maintenance plan is just what everyone needs to help prevent unit incidents with your Heating and Air Amarillo. The maintenance plan offers so many benefits including 10% off repairs or replacement, which can save you lots of money. It also provides priority scheduling as well as twice a year maintenance checks. The checks we offer twice a year occur once in the spring and once in the fall. Keeping up with these checks can assure your units are running efficiently and healthy. A technician inspects, ducts, wiring, units, filtration system, capacitors and will fix issues when needed. The maintenance plan can be $13 a month or $158 a year. If you do not have the plan, maintenance appointments are $45. These checks are highly recommended for each homeowner. Becoming a regular customer at Snow Bear Heat and Air is one of the best decisions you and your family can make. We are the highest reviewed HVAC service here in Amarillo, and have our highly trained comfort specialists to thank for that. When outside coils become dirty, the air becomes trapped inside, resulting in the unit overheating. The evaporator coil can also become dirty, which causes it to freeze and ice forms. Both of these problems will result in your air conditioner working harder than they have to. This is why it is so important to keep up maintenance with your units.One of the best plans you can sign up for your unit happens to be at Snow Bear Heat and Air. Our customers love the maintenance plans we provide. My favorite part about the plans is the 10% off repairs and replacements.You can call our home offices at 806-367-9416 to discuss with a trained associate the action you are interested in for your HVAC. Our offices are open twenty four hours, seven days a week. It only takes a few moments to collect your information and set an appointment with a comfort specialist. The $7 dollar diagnostic fee is available to all first time customers and can help you take action for your air conditioning unit with no commitment. We offer many services including repairs, replacements, errors, maintenance. Our technician’s diagnosis is always in the customers best interest for their Heating and Air Amarillo. It is not easy to spend a lot of money on something you don’t usually think about. That’s why Snow Bear Heat and Air is so firm on our affordable prices. We understand the everyday struggles from day to day. For only $7 you can have your A/C diagnosed for any issues. A good way to keep your unit in good condition for the spring and fall is a maintenance plan. Snow Bear Heat and Air will send a comfort specialist to your home to perform a preventative maintenance check in both seasons. The maintenance plans also include 10 percent off repairs or replacements! A small fix and small cost is always better than a large fix, large cost. Our certified technicians are always happy to help and leave you satisfied. If you have any questions or comments about Snow Bear Heat and Air don’t hesitate to call! We always make time for everyone of our customers, new or old! When you choose Snow Bear Heat and Air you are choosing the best. You are choosing a home grown company here in Amarillo!