There are several reasons why your Heat and air Tulsa system may be giving you trouble.

If you’re having trouble with your  HVAC system it is usually best to call professional to seek out the source of the issues.

Heat And Air Tulsa 8161There are several different areas in which your HVAC system can fail or have trouble. By calling a professional you can rest assured that every scenario will be checked.

By calling a professional you are able to alleviate the stress of having to deal with it or getting the problem wrong.

Often times professionals offer some type of warranty on whatever service or maintenance was provided as well so that  is also a another reason you may just want to call a professional.

Heat and Air Tulsa | Hot, Hot, HOT!!

Let’s talk about some of the reasons why your heat and air tulsa system may be having issues this summer.

The first comment cause of problems may be low refrigerant or a leak in your cooling system.

Refrigerant is the product that is used in your air conditioner to take the heat and humidity out of the air to call your home or business.

When leaks develop in your refrigerant lines it leads to there not being enough refrigerant to cool your home effectively.

Although you can often times refill your system with new refrigerant and experience some temporary fix, this often times does not fix the system.

The problem is if there is a leak in your refrigerant and you refill it with more refrigerant it’s just a matter of time before it continues to leak out again.

When you have a leak in your refrigerant lines it is highly recommended to hire a professional to trace and find where all of the leaks may be because often times there’s more than just one.

The good news is most time is the technician can be called to replace refrigerant lines or to repair holes.

Common Tulsa HVAC Problems

Another common problem with heat and air tulsa systems could be a frozen evaporator coil. The evaporator coil is filled with the refrigerant we just spoke about and its job is to act like a sponge and absorb the heat from the air.

Although it sounds backwards the The evaporator coil needs warm air circulating around it in order to work the way it is intended.Heat And Air Tulsa 0205

If airflow gets blocked the evaporator coil can get too cold causing a layer of ice to build up on top of it. And of course when this happens you can expect there to be no air at all or warm air at most.

It is very important to maintain regular maintenance on your heating and air system Tulsa.

When one problem occurs it often sparks a chain of issues. Frozen evaporator coil‘s can cause fan problems or if you have a dirty condenser it can also cause fan problems you can end up with leaking ducts due to rodents or careless workers.

You also could have an old thermostat combined with other issues that is miss reading the temperature.

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