Texas is a state known for it’s hot and humid weather, that’s why many people trust Snow Bear Heat And Air to do all of their Heat And Air Amarillo servicing. If you are ever In need of our A/C unit installation, repair, or testing, just get in touch with one of our highly trained techs by giving us a call today at, (806) 367-9416. Or you can reach us online at our website. And If you’re a first time customer you’ll only have to pay a seven dollar service fee!

If you are building a new home here in the heart of Texas, you will most likely want to get the best Heat And Air Amarillo service that’s available. You won’t find a better provider of heat and A/C Unit Installation in town! Our techs at Snow Bear Heat And Air will be sure to never damage your property when moving or installing your new A/C unit.

Does Your A/C Unit Need Repairs or Replacement?

Let’s say you already have an A/C unit, but it just needs repairs. If that is the case then Snow Heat And Air Amarillo have got you covered! And if this is your first time working with us, then you’ll be happy to know that you can get your A/C unit repaired for the low price of seven dollars! That’s right! Your 1st service call will only cost you a total of $7! And for our returning customers, you know you’re in good hands because of the quality work we did on your first service call. One thing you can always count on our technicians for is their punctuality and ability to stay on-task. You will never have to worry about paying extra because our tech took their time doing a job.

If you are a customer with a working A/C unit or heater, another notable service we provide is our system maintenance plan. When you sign up for this plan it will only cost you seven dollars, and we will do a detailed check of your heating and cooling systems for you. This service will help keep your A/C system running smoothly and more importantly, coolly. Don’t wait till it has become a problem, as it will be more expensive and more of a hassle.

So whether you need to get a whole new A/C unit installed, or if you just want to have us check up on your current one. The best HVAC specialists for you to call in your time of need is of course Snow Bear Heat And Air! If you need to reach out to us for any one of our expert services or if you want to take advantage of our first-time offer. We are reachable through two main methods. Either give us a call today at our number, (806) 367-9416. Or you can go to our website (https://snowbearair.com/)  and leave us your info! We can’t wait to hear from you!

Heat and Air Amarillo | What is going on with my AC unit?

If you’re looking for the heat and air Amarillo company because you woke up one morning and your AC was out. You are going to be desperately searching for somebody to come out as soon as possible. The only professional company that will come out will be known as Snow Bear Heat & Air. We have 

Heat and Air Amarillo

been in business for 15+ years, we will charge you just seven dollars for that very first service fee, and we will be able to successfully diagnose what is wrong with your AC unit. You will see that we also offer 100% financing to anybody that wants to break up that payment into smaller monthly ones. You will realize that only our company is going to serve all of Amarillo, Lubbock, Waco, Wichita Falls, and the surrounding areas as well. You will never be without any AC or any sort of heating inside your home.

Diagnosing AC Unit Problems

Now those of you that are looking for the heat and air Amarillo will be pleased to know that we will successfully diagnose what is wrong with your AC unit. First things first are we will check that fan to see if it is going to be locked up or stuck, because if the fan is locked up the compressor will not activate which will, therefore, stop your AC unit from running. We are then going to open up your AC unit to see if the capacitor has burst because that is going to be supplying the power that your unit needs to actually activate the compressor and fan. If that is not the case we are then going to be checking the levels of Freon inside the unit. Because if your unit is going to be low or even high on Freon that is going to cause things to not work as they should.

You are in luck because we will be the heat and air Amarillo company that will also be able to help check out your heater as well. The heater is going to be normally located inside the attic, in the garage, or even in a hallway closet. It is going to be starting off by igniting the pilot light which is then going to be heating up some bars which have the gases pushed across it which will then turn into flames. Then these flames will be going through different tubes as a fan will blow across which will then push that hot air throughout your home. We will check to see what went wrong, because if something went wrong during that sequence, the whole entire heater system will not kick on.

Do You Have Maintenance Plans?

You will see that only our great company will have the technicians that will also come on out to provide regular maintenance plans for you. Because most people simply forget about their heaters, their AC units, and they will also forget about their filters. If the filters get too dirty it is going to actually restrict airflow and with that restricted airflow your AC will have to work harder and it will break down even faster. You can see that with our maintenance plans you will have to spend less money on AC repairs and services than ever before.

Now you might be a little bit skeptical about all this, and that is why you should definitely give us a call today at 806-367-9416, which is going to be our centralized call center for all our locations. You can see that whenever you call other HVAC companies they are going to take forever to answer your call, and they can be very rude whenever they are talking. However, our call center will strive for quality customer service, and will strive to answer calls as quickly as possible. You will want to also visit our website on www.snowbearair.com so that way you will be able to check in our financing, read our reviews, and see our partners that we have been able to work with in the past. You will be absolutely thrilled to know that only Snow Bear Heat & Air will be the ones to come on out and save the day.