What separates us from other heat & air Lubbock companies is that we offer a variety of
services that they just do not. We offer a price match so if you get a quote from another
company then show it to us so we can try to see if we can beat it by %2. We want to try and
fight for your business so we always try to see what we can do for our customers. Then of
course there is our popular $7 service fee for first time customers. This is something we love
that we offer because other heat & air Lubbock companies service fee start from $75 and can
go up from there. So the fact that you can have us at your door for only $7 is not only something
we love to offer but should make it even easier when choosing your company. Why choose
someone that will charge you their $75 or more service fee for all their customers just for them
to come out to your home to find out what is going on with your equipment. When we can do all
that for only $7 for our first time customers to have you put on our schedule and have a certified
technician at your door.

Then there is the great part of us being opened 24/7. Yes that right 24/7 we are ready for
your heat & air Lubbock needs. We know that HVAC issues can happen anytime so we want to
be ready to help. Also that not everyone works those 9-5 days or does not get home until late in
the evening. So trying to reach other heat & air Lubbock companies can be an issue when you
get home late and do not have time to call them during your day. So trying to get you on their
schedule can be difficult and frustrating. So we want to be ready when you call. Though we do
have some very busy days so if we miss your call we promise we are not ignoring but are just
busy helping another customer or someone on our team. This is why we always recommend
that you leave a voicemail. This is the best way for us to get back to you as soon as possible
because of how often we check our voicemails. We also have a system set up where not only
does it show on the phone that you left a voicemail but we also get messages on our emails that
you left a voicemail.

So why choose us for your heat & air Lubbock needs? Well one of the many reasons
would be our punctual service. When we give you a time we make sure that our technicians are
aware of their schedule and what they have going on. So we will always give you a time like for
example 9:00 – 11:00 am . This means that we will have our technicians at your home before
11:00 am but as early as 9:00am. We also offer high quality work for your repairs or installs. We
do honest work and even back it for 30 days since not all pieces of equipment can be under
warranty. The owner Daniel trains his technicians to always be ready to help our customers in
the best and most honest way possible every time. Also us being locally owned and operated is
something many of our customers love to hear. They love to know that the owner does care
about his community especially since he grew up in the area. We are not some big corporate
owned company that does not care about their customers. Daniel the owner has built many
relationships with his customers.

Then there is the over 15 years of experience of heat & air Lubbock HVAC needs. Daniel
has been doing this for a long time and before he was able to start the company as Snow Bear
Heat and Air he was doing most of his work on his home trying to get his company where it is
today. So Daniel has the experience necessary to help his customers and train his employees
to be ready to handle anything they need to do for their day. There is also our 24/7 emergency
service. We know that issues can happen anytime and when you have your family to worry
about or someone with health issues you need these taken care of as fast as possible. Most
companies will not be open until the next day so we can easily have someone out to your door
after hours to have you up and running for your home. As long as you pay the after hours fee for
this we can have our tech to your home ready to help you get back into your home and
comfortable. Lastly we offer free estimates for your home. You are interested in some new equipment
and want to know what your options are. We can let you know for free on what these can be
and what would be best for you and your home. We don’t want to have under or over sized
equipment for your home since it will be bad for your home either way. We want the perfect unit
for you and can easily do this for you for free. Then we also have %0 financing available for
these big jobs. We can help you figure out how these financing options can work the best for
you and what you need to do to sign up for it. We love to help our customers sign up for the 0%
interest rates.

Then all our employees are background checked before they are hired with heat & air Lubbock services. Then the
great part about our company is that you can see all these amazing things about our company
but it means even more when you can see that we are the highest and most reviewed company.
So do not just take our word for it but also look online to see all the amazing things our
customers have to say about us. If you have further questions, please give us a call! We’d be happy to answer them.