Snow Bear Heat and Air is a company that is a company that has taken over slowly but surely. They have become international and are going to help people everywhere. We aren’t sure what the future holds but we do know that we love what we do and we are happy to be a part of your air conditioning solutions. Belize air conditioning is a beautiful new opportunity and we cannot wait to see how it will bloom for us. It being a warmer part of the world we are focusing on air conditioning and all things cold! 2021 is the year of the Snow Bear for us! We know that with our skilled technicians, and amazing office staff we will be able to conquer everything. Our loyal customers are where our home base is and anywhere they need us, we will be! WE pride ourselves on great work ethic and the best new strategies to help get your home as cool and comfy as you want it. There is no other company that duplicates what we do. We are happy to help those in need and can’t wait to see what expectations we can surpass in a new environment.

Thanks to our great customers, we are starting the international adventure! We would be nowhere without the loyal customers that continue to use us for their heating and air needs. WE specialize in heating and air but we know in Belize air conditioning, there isn’t much need for the latter end of that! Trust us when we say we want to know what you need! We want to help you achieve your goals for your home and see what projects we can come up with together. We can definitely take care of small repairs to large installs if needed. We do residential and commercial and take care of the littlest most generic motors to the ones that must be programmed at the factory before they will let us order! Doing a great job will always be our mission and getting the job done the way you would do it will always be what we expect from ourselves and our peers. There is no reason to have to settle for less for your home! There is a range of options when it comes to cooling and with our financing options, there is always the opportunity to get it done! Our installs are done by the best of technicians that are trained new techniques every week during weekly meetings! The world changes so often that it is essential to keep up with the new technology of these big units.

Technology like thermostats that can communicate issues with us from your home! Lennox has a Dave Lennox series with communicating thermostats. This thermostat can detect that an issue is occurring and provide our office staff with information to give to a technician that can solve the issue from home usually. These units are top of the line technology wise and in efficiency. Belize air conditioning will save you plenty of money on your electric bill, and can be pretty much guaranteed to run for more than 10 years with the right maintenance and care! We give warranties with all our units that ensure you are taken care of for years after the initial installation. No one likes a company that you see the day the sale is made and never again! We want to build a relationship with our customers and create a bridge of trust that will allow you to depend on us if anything happens in the future. There is a great need for comfort in the home as that is your place where you begin and end your day. How your home feels during those times can affect your whole day, which in the long run, can affect life choices! No, we aren’t saying an air conditioner is going to change your life but it will definitely prepare you to take on the world after getting to rest in comfort! We want our customers to feel relieved with our services!

We have a twenty four hour service that allows you to give us a call whenever you need us! We are as happy to help at eight in the morning as we are at eight at night. We want you and all of our customers to know that you can depend on us in any situation. We also offer Belize air conditioning maintenance plans that offer priority scheduling and discounts! Priority scheduling puts you in front of the pack and makes sure that if you are in a cooling emergency, it won’t be long before we get there! The discounts are a bonus! They can be applied to repairs or installs just the same and if or when you get an install through us, it includes a maintenance plan for a year after! The unit will be serviced two times that first year to make sure it’s going to keep running like it first did when those season changes come around. Also with your new unit, you will get a parts warranty that will cover any part replacement that needs to happen while it is active. Then you get a labor warranty which means you don’t have to pay for us to go our there either! That first year with us is basically free! And again, can be extended for more years with the maintenance plans!

Snow Bear Heat and Air is now in Belize air conditioning and it is for sure going to be a new adventure but we are ready to take on the hot sun and warm days. We cannot wait to see what we may run into being an international company. Please give us a call if you are in need of air conditioning in Belize! We are a company that can get the job done! Take the word of our previous customers on our google pages, and make sure to call the office to set up your diagnostic service, install or quote!