Belize air conditioning is a brand new course for us! We are venturing into a new territory this year! After 2020, we all definitely need to experience new horizons! Our owner has been with us from the very beginning and was a technician himself before starting his own business. He coaches our technicians through their days and is always here to give advice if they run into new issues. He passes on our knowledge and even learns new techniques with our technicians as the technology arises. Air conditioning has many layers and can be very complicated when dealing with so many components so we want to ensure our technicians are prepared to deal with whatever comes to them and if they are not, that they have the resources to figure it out for our customers. Because our owner has such a large background of knowledge, we are all able to pick his brain and learn different methods and approaches to issues that occur. Even the office staff is welcome to learn how to operate on Belize air conditioning systems so that when homeowners call in, we can assist in questions about the process.

We all have a team mind set when it comes to Snow Bear Heat and Air. We all work together to ensure our customers get the best and most efficient service that we can provide. Belize air conditioning will be no different! We are all learning and growing together so we can conquer the world like air conditioning superheroes! We may not wear capes but we have bags of tools and brain power! We understand that dealing with an issue with your air is never something you want to do but we definitely want to make the process a lot smoother so if you run into an issue in the future, you know who is reliable and can deal with the problem. We all want our air conditioning to work like a faithful soldier but unfortunately, we all have sick days and like most, they are very unexpected. So when this happens, make sure you call Snow Bear Heat and Belize Air conditioning, so we can set you up with a $7 diagnostic appointment. This appointment has a technician go through the full system of operations of your unit to find the issues that are affecting it. If there is a way to fix it that day then we will get it taken care of!

Our $7 diagnostic fee surprises all of our customers! Let us explain. Our service fee is donated to an organization called Another Chance House and that charity helps homeless veterans get back on their feet. They assist with rehab from addiction and counseling to help with previous trauma. They allow these veterans to stay in this big comfy house that gives them a sense of belonging. They also assist them in finding careers and basically helping them create their own building blocks for the rest of their life. The organization is a cause close to our hearts and we are glad we are able to help in this way. So when you call and are faced with a $7 diagnostic fee, this is where it will go. Once we have gone out there, we will give you a quote for what the repair or even install may cost and we will give you your good, better, best options. It is then your choice how you want to approach the problem or if you would like to wait, we can also save the quote and reconnect at a later date. Either way, we are glad to have helped our customer understand the issues occurring, and a veteran in need.

Belize is a place where the heat and rain can be ongoing for days. It is usually on the warmer side but it can be humid. Your home is your comfort and we want to make sure that it is enjoyable while those bad days go on by. Belize air conditioning is always going to be welcome in this type of situation because it does relieve a lot of stressors that come from a climate like this. However, with an air conditioner, we can also add a humidifier and dehumidifier. If your air gets too humid due to the cool air and rainfall, we can relieve the moisture with a dehumidifier. This will allow your home to have less of that sticky feeling and relieve symptoms caused by humidity like sore throats. These are easy to install and can range from your basic but reliable style to the fanciest of science to get rid of moisture in the air. There are also humidifiers for those dryer parts that don’t receive much rain. What you will need will depend on your home and what would make you comfortable. We give free estimates for installations and while the Belize air conditioning technician is there, they can explain more of what would fit your home. We want to make sure that when our job is done, the air is perfect in your home! If there is another issue affecting your air, we can also make suggestions and plans for improvement about what else may be possible.

Snow Bear Heat and Air is a company that wants to help improve the quality of your home. Whether you are living there for now or forever, you deserve to live in comfort! And our prices vary widely depending on what you want, what budget you have and what we can do. Please give us a call and we can decide together on what would fit best! Our office staff is available twenty four hours a day and are happy to help! Let us know what we can do for you. Air conditioner is a luxury everyone should be able to have and we want to do our best to make that happen. We also have financing options available if needed. Call us today to get scheduled for a quote, service call or diagnostic! We would love to help!